The Licenses Sample Clauses

The Licenses. Schedule 7.15 contains a true and complete list of all Licenses owned by or granted to the Borrower or its Subsidiaries. Each License is legally valid, in full force and effect, duly registered, not subject to any administrative review or appeal, or subject to any proceeding the outcome of which could result in the revocation, in whole or in part, for any reason not within the control of the Borrower or IMPSAT. The Borrower has paid when due all amounts required to be paid and otherwise has complied with all conditions the compliance with which is required in order to preserve its rights under the Licenses. No Licenses other than those listed in Schedule 7.15 are required in order for the Borrower and its Subsidiaries to install, exploit and operate the Network and to engage in the Telecommunications Business as it is currently conducted by them, and as contemplated by the Borrower Business Plan.
The Licenses. Seller has all material licenses, permits and authorizations necessary for the lawful ownership and operation of the Facilities as congregate living facilities (the "Seller Licenses"). True and correct copies of all of the Seller Licenses are attached hereto as Exhibit 6.06. Seller has not received written or verbal notice of (A) any action or proceeding which has been initiated or is proposed to be initiated by the appropriate state or federal agency having jurisdiction thereof to revoke, withdraw or suspend any of the Seller Licenses, (B) any judicial or administrative agency judgement or decision not to renew any of the Seller Licenses, (C) any action to limit or ban admissions to the Facilities or (D) any licensure or certification action of any other type, which would have a material adverse effect on the business, assets or financial condition of the Facilities. The Facilities do not participate in Medicare or Medi-Cal and are not accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations or any other accreditation body.
The Licenses. Subject to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, Licensor hereby grants to each of the Trusts (x) a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, fee-based license, throughout the Territory for the Term to use the Licensed Patents and Know-How solely in connection with each Licensee's activities as an issuer of the MacroShares that employ the MacroShares Structure, and (y) a limited, non-exclusive, and non-transferable, fee-based license throughout the Territory for the Term to use the Marks solely as a part of the name of each Trust and the MacroShares issued by such Trust; (the "Licenses").
The Licenses. Subject to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, Licensor hereby grants to:
The Licenses. The licenses to operate the Facility (i) are and shall continue in full force and effect at all times throughout the term of this Agreement and are and shall be free from restrictions or known conflicts which would materially impair the use or operation of the Facility for its current use, and if any licenses become provisional, probationary, conditional or restricted in any way (collectively “Restrictions”), Borrower shall take or cause to be taken prompt action to correct such Restrictions; (ii) may not be, and have not been, and will not be transferred to any location other than the Real Estate; and (iii) have not been and will not be pledged as collateral security for any other loan or indebtedness. Borrower shall not do (nor suffer to be done) any of the following:
The Licenses. (c) The Assumed Contracts;
The Licenses. At or prior to the Closing, PSI and CCORE shall terminate the CCORE License pursuant to a termination agreement in the form reasonably required by Newco (the “Termination Agreement”) and CCORE, CFLP, PSI, ProDril Services International Limited, and the Stockholder shall enter into (i) a license agreement with Newco in the form of Exhibit B (the “New License Agreement”), and (ii) an Assignment and Assumption Agreement in the form of Exhibit C (the “Assignment”).
The Licenses. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and in reliance on the representations and warranties set forth herein, immediately following the Brand Name Purchase, Linda and Modara will execute and deliver the Licenses.