Technical Sample Clauses

Technical. 15 - Foreign Affairs Training for professional skills of a specialized nature in the methods and techniques of such fields as foreign languages, foreign culture, intelligence (foreign affairs/intelligence), diplomacy, or strategic studies. Technical
Technical. Bid The following documents are to be furnished by the Contractor along with Technical Bid as per the tender document:
Technical. (2) Within each job family there is a class series. For example: Job Family: Food Services Class Series: Food Service Workers Class Series: Cooks Class Series: Bakers Class Series: Food Service Supervisors In some cases there is only one class series in a job family. For example: Job Family: Transportation Class Series: Transportation
Technical. 1.0 Aerospace Manufacturing 2.0 System Assessments 2.1 Assessment 2.2 Develop Plan 2.3 Implement Plan B. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
Technical. 1.2 For greater certainty, such employees include classified and unclassifi ed employees, students, GO Temps and such other employees as may be mutually agreed.