The Agent will Sample Clauses

The Agent will. 16.3.1 Insure all contents and any fittings or fixtures at the Property and identify ownership for the purposes of its insurers.
The Agent will. 8.3.1 Issue the appropriate Occupancy Agreements specified by the RP and set out in Schedule 8. It will not vary the terms of this Agreement without the written consent of the RP.
The Agent will. 11.2.1 Maintain knowledge of regulatory expectations and standards relevant to its housing management responsibilities.
The Agent will. 10.4.1 Provide to the RP on request copies of all its policies and procedures relevant to its responsibilities and duties carried out under this Contract.
The Agent will. 9.3.1 Comply with the RP’s and its own published procedures and guidance on legal proceedings relevant to the type of Occupancy Agreement in use which are in force at the time.
The Agent will. Provide to the RP the following reports at the intervals specified or on request: Delete any not applicable a) Performance monitoring information for housing management and (as applicable) maintenance services in the format requested by the RP. At the date of this Contract the housing management information is in the form of SHiP Quarterly Returns which are due within 21 days of the end of the quarter; b) Rents and service charges in a format requested by the RP. At the date of this Contract the format for this information is the SHiP Rents and Service Charges Return; c) Where the Agent is not subject to monitoring of these areas by the Social Housing Regulator, annual certification of areas of governance and probity in a format requested by the RP. At the date of this Contract the format for this information is the SHiP Annual Self Certification form; d) Any other information identified in this Contract or its Schedules as relevant to the services provided under this Contract; e) Any other information requested by the RP to enable it to complete any regulatory and statistical returns to the Social Housing Regulator; f) Any report on its governance or performance of support, care or treatment services at the Property by the agencies responsible for the commissioning and monitoring of those services within 14 days of receipt.
The Agent will a. Promote One Tree Hill College in an ethical and professional manner for the purpose of enrolling international students.
The Agent will. (i) comply with all provisions of law applicable to its activities contemplated by this Agreement and (ii) use and rely solely on the “Company Documents” and “Other Information” (as such terms are defined in paragraph A.5., below) and on information available from generally recognized public sources in connection with offering the Interests.
The Agent will o Be responsible for payment of any federal and state payroll and self-employment taxes attributable to payments received for services performed for billserv and will not be considered an employee for federal or state payroll tax purposes. o Be responsible for payment and provide certificate of all necessary insurance. o Not work under any supervision by billserv and will set its own work hours and routine. o Provide its own materials, tools, and equipment, and will expect no reimbursement for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the performance of services, unless authorized in writing by special prior arrangement for specific sales and marketing tasks.
The Agent will. (a)conduct the Business and administer the Partnership as if the Agent was the full beneficial owner of the Partnership Assets and the Business; and