Scholarships Sample Clauses

Scholarships. (4) Fellowships.
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Scholarships. Participant understands that scholarships and other awards provided by the Programs are administered through the America’s Junior Miss Scholarship Foundation, the State Program’s scholarship foundation, or a Local Program’s scholarship foundation. All scholarships and awards are subject to the rules and regulations of the respective foundation as may be changed from time to time. The appropriate foundation will supply a copy of the rules and regulations to Participant within a reasonable time after she is awarded a scholarship or award from any of the Programs.
Scholarships. The PTA/PTO/HSA shall provide the Administrator with the names of the approved scholarships by the school at least one week before registration closes. The Administrator will provide the PTA/PTO/HSA with codes and the PTA/PTO/HSA shall distribute the information to the families to enroll and assist with their enrollment. The PTA/PTO/HSA will be responsible for registering the families before the necessary deadlines that ensure the safety of each and every student.
Scholarships. In the case of a refund processed per the schedule listed below, University scholarships are adjusted proportionally to the tuition charges incurred. This does not include any University Fees, only tuition charges. For example, if a student's tuition is reduced by fifty (50) percent, that student's University scholarship will also be reduced by fifty (50) percent.
Scholarships. A. UMGC may offer graduates from CC the opportunity to apply for scholarship opportunities as they become available.
Scholarships. If your child receives a scholarship, failure to stay current on tuition payments places your child at risk of losing his or her scholarship.
Scholarships. MLC makes a number of scholarships available for students with talent and an enthusiasm for learning and also for students who might otherwise not have the opportunity of an MLC education. The College awards scholarships based on a scholarship application and testing process. Scholarships holders are bound by the terms and conditions in these Terms & Conditions of Enrolment and also MLC’s Scholarship Terms and Conditions which are available on the College website. Expectations of Students and Parents
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Scholarships. Objective: To enhance education and training in natural science, mathematics, engineering, and technology in Namibia by improvement of the quality and quantity of teaching staff in these subjects in secondary schools as well as in post-school institutions. To strengthen the core of Namibians engaged in the professions of natural science, engineering and technology outside teaching.
Scholarships. If a student has received a scholarship and decides to withdraw from the program, the International School will contact the scholarship source to determine whether scholarship funds should be refunded to the student or to the organization that granted the scholarship.
Scholarships. IV.3.1. Scholarships holder selection
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