Other Awards definition

Other Awards means those awards granted pursuant to Section 9 hereof.
Other Awards means an award granted pursuant to Section 12 hereof.

Examples of Other Awards in a sentence

  • Other Awards may include prizes, product, gifts, trips, incentives, and the like.

  • Transfer of Points / Other Awards Programs – Program Points are not transferable/may not be assigned, pledged, or transferred to another Program Account, other participating cardholders, Account beneficiaries, or any other third party.

  • Other Awards for High Scoring Dog in Regular Standard Classes, Regular JWW Classes, Preferred Standard Classes, & Preferred JWW Classes: Xxxxxx & Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx offers a print of the 2015 National Logo.

  • Other Awards: We also recognize band participation, chorus participation and citizenship awards.

  • Parties Bound & Relationship To Other Awards 6.1 Parties Bound 6.2 Relationship To Other Awards 6.3 Relationship To Parent Award 7.

More Definitions of Other Awards

Other Awards means cash or Stock-based Awards granted to an Eligible Person under Section 7.08 or 7.09.
Other Awards means an award granted pursuant to Section 11 hereof.
Other Awards means Awards granted pursuant to Section 8 of the Plan.
Other Awards has the meaning set forth in Section 3.10.
Other Awards means an Award granted under Article 9 of the Plan, including fund units or cash awards earned upon the attainment of performance goals or otherwise as permitted under the Plan.
Other Awards means awards granted pursuant to Section 9 of this Plan.
Other Awards means any form of award authorized under Section 5.2 of the Plan, other than a Stock Option, Stock Appreciation Right, Restricted Stock, Restricted Stock Unit, unrestricted share of Common Stock or Dividend Equivalent.