Annual Period Sample Clauses

Annual Period. ‌ The “annual period” is a calendar year. For new employees who begin mid- year, the annual period begins on the employee’s first day of work, restarts on January 1, and runs on a calendar year basis thereafter.
Annual Period. The period from commencement of the Term through December 31, 1993 and each consecutive twelve (12) month period thereafter during the Term.
Annual Period. Any full calendar year commencing on January 1 and ending on the next succeeding December 31.
Annual Period. A 12 month period of time from January 1st of a given year through December 31st of the same year, except the first Annual Period herein shall run from the Effective Date through December 31, 2007.
Annual Period. During the Initial Term and any Renewal Term, the twelve month period from May 9, 2001 through May 8, 2002 and each successive twelve month period thereafter.
Annual Period. For the purposes of this AGREEMENT, this term shall mean the 12-month period from January 1st through December 31st of each year.
Annual Period. Reflects the federal fiscal year, October 1 through September 30, unless otherwise noted.
Annual Period. Allocated Employees‌