Earned Royalties definition

Earned Royalties means royalties paid or payable by LICENSEE to YALE determined with respect to NET SALES and SUBLICENSE INCOME.
Earned Royalties has the meaning set forth in Section 3.3.
Earned Royalties shall have the meaning set forth in Subsection 8.2.

Examples of Earned Royalties in a sentence

  • Earned Royalties on such Net Sales shall be payable by Acorda to Institutions in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

  • No Earned Royalties are due MAYO on transfers to MAYO or MAYO Affiliates.

  • When Licensed Products are Sold for monies other than United States dollars, the Earned Royalties and other consideration will first be determined in the foreign currency of the country in which such Licensed Products were Sold and then converted into equivalent United States dollars.

  • Licensed Products transferred to MAYO or its Affiliates are not considered transfers for purposes of determining Net Sales or for calculating Earned Royalties.

  • Each payment will be for Earned Royalties, Sublicense Fees and other consideration which has accrued within the Licensee’s most recently completed calendar quarter.

More Definitions of Earned Royalties

Earned Royalties means royalties payable to Foundation by Acorda for the Sale of a Royalty-Bearing Product, as provided in Section 3.2.
Earned Royalties means royalties earned at the rates negotiated in good faith by the Parties (as contemplated in Section 2.1(b)) based on Net Sales of New Licensed Products.
Earned Royalties means the royalties payable to Institutions by Acorda on Net Sales of Licensed Products by Acorda and/or its Affiliates as provided in Article 3.
Earned Royalties means any cash consideration received by AMI for the sale, sublicensing, or other disposition of PRODUCTS. Earned Royalties may include, without limitation, license fees, cash maintenance payments, and cash royalties charged on any sales of PRODUCTS by AMI or a SUBLICENSEE.
Earned Royalties means royalties paid or payable by Licensee to Overture pursuant to Section 4.2 below.
Earned Royalties has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2 of this Schedule.
Earned Royalties means, collectively, the Earned Patent Royalty and the Earned Know-how Royalty. “Effective Date” has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.