Rest Sample Clauses

Rest. In some situations, we might want to modify these terms and conditions, for example if we made changes to the Slice app. Modifications will take immediate effect. Please check for the most up to date version of the terms and conditions. A judge might rule that a part of these terms and conditions is void, invalid or inoperative. In this case the remaining parts shall not be affected and shall remain in effect. The invalid part shall be deemed modified to the least degree necessary to remedy the invalidity. If we do not enforce a provision at any point in time, it does not mean we cannot and will not enforce These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands. Any dispute, controversy or claim shall be resolved exclusively by the relevant courts in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. End You can stop using the Slice app at any time. Please send us an e-mail if you want us to deactivate your account.
Rest. 9.1 Daily rest Salaried employees shall be given at least 11 hours’ continuous rest per 24- hour period. The daily rest should be scheduled at night, which means that the time between 00.00 and 05.00 a.m. should be included. The above-mentioned 24-hour period may include a calendar day between midnight and midnight or some other 24-hour period. The period shall upon being determined be scheduled according to a fixed system and be applied consistently. A change of period may be made only upon breaks such as change of schedules. See note 1 below. Temporary deviations from the daily rest may be made if caused by special circumstances not foreseeable by the employer, provided that the salaried employee will be compensated with corresponding leave. See note 2 below. By a local agreement, a deviation from the above may be made on the precondition that the salaried employee is compensated with leave or is granted suitable protection. In case the absence is scheduled for regular working hours, no salary deduction shall be made.
Rest. Be sober in the work sessions. Volunteers should not consume or be affected by alcohol or other intoxicants when performing work for VU. Volunteers who are in concert outside set guards should not carry accreditation cards.
Rest. (a) Engineers may have rest after being 8 hours on duty upon advice to the proper officer. Engineers must give two hours notice of their desire to book rest.
Rest. 8.1 Provided two hours notice is given, Traffic Coordinators may have rest after eleven hours on duty.
Rest. Employees working on a scheduled five (5) day work week shall be assigned two (2) rest days in each seven (7) days. The rest days shall be consecutive as far as possible consistent with the establishment of regular relief assignments and the avoidance of working an employee on an assigned rest day. Preference shall be given to Saturday and Sunday and then to Sunday and Monday. The work week may be staggered in accordance with the Company’s operational needs.
Rest. 39.1 Locomotive Engineers may book rest after 9 hours on duty and must give two hours notice of their desire to book rest to the designated officer or his delegate.
Rest. Regular operators must have eight hours off between the signoff and signon time of their run. Extraboard and regular operators working extra who are required to secure their rest must have nine hours off between signoff time and the time of a call to report. However, operators may be assigned to the second half of a regular straight-away run if they completed the first portion of the same run, subject to DOT regulations. Such operators can report to work after eight hours of rest. Unless extended, the standard call to report for duty will be two hours at a home terminal dispatch point and one hour at away from home locations. Extraboard operators who do not have sufficient DOT hours of service remaining will revert toward the bottom of the board, one position at a time, until they have secured sufficient hours to resume service.
Rest. 8.1 Daily rest Salaried employees shall be given at least 11 hours’ continuous rest per 24-hour period. A deviation may be made by agreement between the local parties on the condition that the salaried employee receives corresponding compensation. A deviation may also be made because of circumstances that are incapable of being planned or decided in advance, or temporarily when so required for the business. In these cases, the salaried employee shall be provided a corresponding extended rest period in connection to the work shift that has interrupted the rest period. If that is not possible for objective reasons attributable to the business, then this rest period shall be scheduled within seven days after the interruption of the daily rest. If the employer decides to schedule the rest period during working hours, no salary deduction shall be made.
Rest. Pre-school children will have the opportunity of an early afternoon nap in an assigned cot/bed. Depending upon their needs, children are expected to rest quietly or engage in quiet activities, allowing those who need to sleep the opportunity to do so.