Paragraph 12 definition

Paragraph 12. The provisions of Paragraph 12 shall not apply to any assignment or sublease to an "Affiliate" of Lessee. For purposes of this Lease, the term "Affiliate" shall mean any person or entity for which Lessee has direct (or through intermediary subsidiaries controlled by Lessee) voting control.
Paragraph 12. The word "two" is hereby deleted and the word "four (4) ------------ is hereby inserted in its place.
Paragraph 12. In the second sentence of such paragraph, delete the phrase "a financially responsible party" and insert instead the phrase "either (i) a company into which Columbia may merge or (ii) a major United States theatrical distribution company". In the event of any inconsistency between the provisions of the Agreement and the provisions of Paragraph 12 of Exhibit A, the provisions of the Agreement shall control. Paragraph 13: In clause (ii) of such paragraph, insert the word "such" before the word "assignment", and delete the word "which" which appears after the word "assignments" and insert instead the words "if such". At the end of clause (ii), insert the phrase ", provided that the foregoing limitation shall not apply to Participant's grants pursuant to Participant's will or testamentary trust or as part of a corporate dissolution or merger; and/or". In clause (iv) of such paragraph, insert the word "hereunder" after the word "assignment".

Examples of Paragraph 12 in a sentence

  • The obligations of this Agreement, which by their nature would continue beyond the termination on expiration of the Agreement, including without limitation, the obligations regarding Indemnification (Paragraph 2), Ownership of Documents (Paragraph 11), and Conflict of Interest (Paragraph 12), shall survive termination or expiration.

  • If you have a Personal Interest which is also a Prejudicial Interest as set out in Paragraph 12 of the Code, then subject to point 3 below, you MUST WITHDRAW from the meeting (unless you have obtained a dispensation from the Authority’s Standards Committee) 3.

  • In the event that such easements cannot be provided, the Corporation and the Gas Company shall share the cost of relocating or altering the gas system to facilitate continuity of gas service, as provided for in Paragraph 12 of this Agreement.

  • See further Paragraph 12 (Terms and Conditions of the Offer) of Part B below.

  • If, following termination of this Agreement, Provider's facility(ies) is (are) closed or if majority ownership of Provider changes, then within forty-eight hours thereafter, Director of SDHCS and County Director shall be notified thereof by Provider in writing of all arrangements made by Provider for preservation of all the patient/client, financial, and other records referred to in this Paragraph 12.

  • With reference to Paragraph 1.2 above: [insert list of countries which are barred under UN Security Council Chapter VII] Section IV.

  • It is a criminal offence to conceal or destroy personal data which is part of a subject access request (see Paragraph 12 below) and such conduct by an employee would amount to gross misconduct which could result in dismissal.

  • This Letter of Credit is issued at the request of the Applicant, and we hereby irrevocably authorize you to draw on us, in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof, up to the maximum amount of this Letter of Credit, subject to reduction as provided in Paragraph 12 hereof.

  • Not having been paid within the above 30 days, have sent a written notice to Surety (at the address described in Paragraph 12) and sent a copy, or notice thereof, to Owner, stating that a claim is being made under this Bond and enclosing a copy of the previous written notice furnished to Contractor.

  • If the Gas Company has not removed the part of the gas system it has decommissioned and the Corporation requires the removal of all or any part of the decommissioned gas system for the purpose of altering or improving a highway or in order to facilitate the construction of utility or other works in a highway, the Gas Company may elect to relocate the decommissioned gas system and in that event Paragraph 12 applies to the cost of relocation.

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Paragraph 12. The Lease shall not terminate until actual condemnation. Landlord shall advise Tenant within five (5) business days of the commencement of any action seeking condemnation and Tenant shall have the right to seek damages for its own account for condemnation of its Leasehold interests. In any settlement with an entity seeking condemnation, Landlord shall not settle with such entity on terms which provide Tenant with less than ninety (90) days to vacate the Premises.
Paragraph 12. The final sentence of Paragraph 12 shall not apply in the following states: Arkansas, Louisiana, and Wisconsin.
Paragraph 12 except that (a) references to "Landlord" in the first ------------ through fifth sentences shall mean both "Master Landlord" and "Sublandlord", and (b) references to "Tenant's Proportionate Share of Basic Operating Costs" shall mean Operating Expenses;

Related to Paragraph 12

  • Paragraph 3 The use of new instructional materials and classroom presentations that may involve controversial issues should be planned by the individual teacher and discussed with the department chairman and the building principal before they are initiated in the classroom.

  • Paragraph 4 The teacher, not the Board, has the responsibility to initiate a change or the termination of the purchase of tax-deferred annuities in accordance with established Board policies.

  • Paragraph 2 A committee of teachers representing all buildings and curriculum areas and working in cooperation with the district leadership team shall be formed prior to the end of the school each year to plan the in-service activities for the next school year.

  • Paragraph 5 Any individual(s) within a specified group who is on or has re- quested an extended leave or sabbatical shall be eligible for selection for layoff under the conditions set forth herein.

  • Section 1 Purchase Option" Section 2.6(a)(i) "Purchase Option Issuance Date" Section 1 "Purchase Option Exercise Price" Section 1 "Purchase Option Exercise Date" Section 1 "Purchase Option Notice" Section 2.6(a)(ii) "Purchase Option Share Amount" Section 1 "Qualified Daily Trading Limit" Section 1 "Registered" Section 1 "Registrable Securities" Section 1 "Registration Statement" Section 1 "Releases" Section 5.13 "SEC" Section 1 "SEC Documents" Section 5.8 "SEC Filings" Section 1 "Securities Act" Recitals "Selling Period" Section 1 "Selling Period Obligation" Section 1 "Settlement" Section 1 "Settlement Date" Section 1 "Subsidiary" Section 5.3 "Suit" Section 5.18(c) "Tax Return" Section 1 "Taxes" Section 1 "Trading Day" Section 1 "Transfer Agent" Section 1 "Underwriter" Preamble "Underwriter's Clearing Broker" Section 1 "Underwriting Price" Section 1 "Underwriter Sales Notice" Section 2.3(b) "Violations" Section 9.1(a) "VWAP" Section 1 "WARN" Section 5.11 COMMON STOCK UNDERWRITING AGREEMENT ----------------------------------- COMMON STOCK UNDERWRITING AGREEMENT dated as of January 4, 2001 (the "Agreement"), between Ramius Securities, LLC, a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of the State of Delaware (the "Underwriter"), and Onyx Software Corporation, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Washington (the "Company").

  • Section 5 Shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5(f) of Attachment A (Description of Generation, Conversion and Storage Facility) to this Agreement.

  • Paragraph means a portion of this Decree identified by an Arabic numeral;

  • Subparagraph means a portion of this Consent Decree identified by a lower case letter or an arabic numeral in parentheses.

  • Section 3 means Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968.

  • Section 8 means Section 8(c)(2)(A) of the United States Housing Act of 1937, as amended.

  • Section 16 means Section 16 of the Exchange Act and the rules promulgated thereunder and any successor provision thereto as in effect from time to time.

  • Section 2 Nonresident BIDDER" means a BIDDERS whose principal place of business is not in this state, but excludes a contractor whose ultimate parent company or majority owner has its principal place of business in this state.

  • Paragraphs and other subdivisions without reference to a document are to designated Articles, Sections, Subsections, Paragraphs and other subdivisions of this Agreement;

  • Subsection means subsection of the section in which the term is used;

  • hereinabove, hereinbelow," "hereof," "hereunder" and words of similar import shall be to this Agreement in its entirety and not only to the particular Exhibit, Article, or Section in which such reference appears.

  • Section 102 means section 102 of the Ordinance and any regulations, rules, orders or procedures promulgated thereunder as now in effect or as hereafter amended.

  • Original Lease shall have the meaning given such term in the recitals to this Agreement.

  • (2) In this subsection, the term fundraising’ means

  • Term of the Agreement shall have the same meaning as provided for in Article 7 of this Agreement.

  • Automatic Renewal Term has the meaning set forth in Section 10(a) hereof.

  • Article 55 BRRD means Article 55 of Directive 2014/59/EU establishing a framework for the recovery and resolution of credit institutions and investment firms.

  • Term of Agreement shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Article 2 of this Agreement;

  • (3) In this subsection, the term oil fuel’ means any oil used as fuel in connection with the propulsion and auxiliary machinery of the vessel in which such oil is carried.’’.

  • Early Termination Conditions means the types of conditions listed in Schedule A.

  • Base Term Beginning (i) with respect to the Original Premises on the Commencement Date, and (ii) with respect to the Expansion Premises on the Expansion Premises Commencement Date, and ending with respect to the entire Premises on August 31, 2024.”