Calendar Day Sample Clauses

Calendar Day. Any day shown on the calendar beginning at midnight and ending at midnight the following day. If no designation of calendar or working day is made, “day” shall mean calendar day.
Calendar Day. One sequential 24 hour period as denoted on a calendar, regardless of the day of the week.
Calendar Day. All days sequentially including holidays, etc. If the last day for required action falls on a Saturday, Sunday, holiday, or any day that the College is not open for business, then the next day shall be treated as the day action is required.
Calendar Day. For the purpose of counting time, “calendar days” as used in this Contract will not include holidays. If an office specified for receipt of a grievance or grievance appeal is closed for an entire day, which day is the last day of the time period prescribed for the filing of a grievance or grievance appeal, then the grievant will be permitted to file his or her grievance or grievance appeal on the next day on which such office is open.
Calendar Day. This is each day of the calendar.
Calendar Day. The twenty-four (24) hour period beginning at midnight.
Calendar Day. 9.5.1 Any twenty-four (24) hour period beginning immediately after midnight, and ending twenty-four (24) hours later.
Calendar Day. One (1) sequential twenty-four (24) hour period as denoted on a calendar, regardless of the day of the week. Day – A normal business day when the University’s Administrative Offices are open i.e. excluding weekends, statutory holidays, and other days when the Administrative Offices are closed or open less than four (4) hours. Xxxx – The Xxxx or designate.
Calendar Day. A "calendar day" is any day of the week or month, no days being excepted.