The Proper Officer definition

The Proper Officer means the Clerk of the Grand Court.
The Proper Officer means the officer appointed by the Council for the purposes of the 1953 Act.

Examples of The Proper Officer in a sentence

  • OVW only accepts requests for specialist advice from the Chair or the Proper Officer.

  • The Developer shall carry out and complete the whole of the Highway Works at its expense in a good and workmanlike manner and with proper materials and with reasonable skill and care in respect of design in accordance in all respects with the Specification to the satisfaction of the Proper Officer (acting reasonably and properly).

  • The time and place of meetings will be determined by the Proper Officer and notified in the summons.

  • Following the completion of the Specification, the Specification shall only be subsequently varied, modified or amended with the written agreement of the Proper Officer.

  • The Democracy Unit at Swansea is able to supply to the Proper Officer information on the electoral wards of the PCC and advice on external elections such as the procedures when casual vacancies arise.4.1.4 The Proper Officer and Councillors are able to obtain significant amounts of information from the authority’s website:

More Definitions of The Proper Officer

The Proper Officer means an Officer appointed by the Council to discharge a
The Proper Officer means the Head of Legal and Democratic Services
The Proper Officer means the appointed Engineer of the Development Implementation Team undertaking the duties outlined above or any other officer within SGC duly appointed by them to act on their behalf.
The Proper Officer means the Democratic Services Manager.
The Proper Officer means a member of the administrative staff provided by the relevant enforcement authorities under section 81(4)(a) of the TMA 2004 who has been appointed to perform the functions of the proper officer under these Regulations;
The Proper Officer means an Officer appointed by the Council to
The Proper Officer means the Administrator-General or his agent or a public officer appointed by the Minister to be the proper officer in relation to a specified category of persons;