Liquor License definition

Liquor License shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8.10.
Liquor License means, in any jurisdiction in which Borrower or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries sells and/or distributes beer, wine or liquor, or proposes to sell and/or distribute beer, wine or liquor, any license, permit or other authorization to sell and distribute beer, wine or liquor that is granted or issued by the Liquor Authorities.

Examples of Liquor License in a sentence

  • All businesses and their premises holding a Liquor License under this Code shall be open for inspection by the Nation, acting through its officials, agents, employees or other designated representatives, at all reasonable times for the purpose of determining whether said business is complying with this Code.

  • Any person who shall sell or offer for sale or distribute or transport in any manner, liquor in violation of this Code, or who shall have liquor for sale in his possession without a Liquor License, shall be in violation of this Code.

  • Liquor may be offered for sale and served on the Yavapai-Apache Nation Reservation only under a Liquor License as expressly authorized by the Tribal Council in accordance with this Code and applicable federal law.

  • Except as authorized under a Liquor License issued under Section 107 of this Code, the introduction or possession of Liquor for sales, distribution or service is prohibited within the Yavapai-Apache Nation’s Jurisdiction, and any such possession, sale, distribution or service without such License shall be a violation under this Code.

  • The request for an MLCC outdoor service permit has already been favorably reviewed by the Liquor License Review Committee and City Council.

More Definitions of Liquor License

Liquor License means any one of the following licenses as permitted and defined by Title 12 of Wyoming Statutes: retail, bar and grill, limited retail, resort, or restaurant license, or a microbrewery, winery, satellite winery or manufacturing permit.
Liquor License means a license to provide -------------- alcoholic beverages at the Hotel issued by the state in which the Hotel is located or other applicable governmental authority.