Event Date Sample Clauses

Event Date. If any event date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, then the time for performance shall be extended until the next business day.
Event Date. The Event shall be held on (the “Event Date”). For a hourly fee Renter shall be allowed access prior to the hours indicated in order to decorate the venue. Decoration time shall occur on the same day as the event unless 7 days prior to the event Renter is given notice by Owner that access on the day prior to the rental is allowed. Renter shall not have access to the Property at any time other than during these hours on the Event Date or prior evening, unless Xxxxxx receives prior written permission from Owner.
Event Date. The "Event Date" shall mean the first date during the term of this Agreement on which an Event (as defined in Section 3) occurs; [provided, however, that if an Event occurs and if Executive's employment with Haskxx xx terminated within the six-month period prior to the date on which the Event occurs, the "Event Date" shall mean the date immediately prior to the date of such termination.]
Event Date. Issue the Office and Educational Consumables ITN/ Solicitation Preview Period Opens in the MFMP Sourcing Tool March 31, 2010 Pre-Bid Conference (Not Mandatory) Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx XX 000, 0000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx XX, 00000, For a map go to: http://xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/dms/dbc/facilities/maps/CCOC%20Map%20August%2 02005.pdf 2:00 PM April 26, 2010 Questions from Respondents Due / Bid Opens for Responses 2:00 PM April 30, 2010 Post Responses to Respondents’ Questions May 7, 2010 Responses Due 2:00 PM May 28, 2010 Public Meeting for Evaluators 2:00 PM June 18, 2010 Post Notice of Intent to Negotiate June 22, 2010 Begin Negotiation Session(s) July 12, 2010 Public Meeting – Meeting of the Negotiation Team 0000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxx Conference Room 101 Tallahassee FL, 32399 Conference Call Dial-in Number: 0-000-000-0000 Participant Conference Code: 5263885 2:00 PM August 2, 2010 Best and Final Offers Due 2:00 PM August 10, 2010 Public Meeting – Recommend Award 0000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxx Conference Xxxx 000 Xxxxxxxxxxx XX, 00000 Conference Call Dial-in Number: 0-000-000-0000 Participant Conference Code: 5263885 2:00 PM August 12, 2010 Post Notice of Intent to Award August 23, 2010 Award Contract August 27, 2010 Target Date for Contract Execution October 1, 2010 YOU SHOULD SUBMIT YO UR RESPONSE IN THE MFMP SOURCING TOOL AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE . YOU SHOULD ALLOW FOR ADEQUATE TIME TO REC EIVE ANY REQUESTED ASSISTANCE AND TO RECEIVE VERIF ICATION OF YOUR SUBM ITTAL; WAITING UNTIL THE LAST HOURS OF THE SOLI CITATION COULD IMPAC T THE TIMELY SUBMITTAL OF YOUR RESPON SE. DO NOT RELY ON THE MFMP SOURCING TOOL’ S TIME REM AINING CLOCK. THE OFFICIAL SOLICITATION CLOSING TIME SHALL BE AS REFLECTED IN THE EVENT TIMELINE (SE C TION 1 . 5 ) OF THIS ITN.
Event Date. This is a Contract for services and agreement to pay for services in accordance with the terms set forth herein, between The Manhattan of Camarillo (“The Manhattan") and: Group Name: Contact: Address: Phone: Email Address: Date of Event: Type of Event: Starting Time of Event: Ending Time of Event: Estimated Number of Guests: Madison Beer Garden _ Wine Room Entire Restaurant _ (check one) Client’s Signature: __ Print Name: _ Menu Selection: In consultation with The Manhattan, the Customer shall select a food and beverage menu from the list of provided menu options. The menu option list shall be attached to this Contract and initialed by Customer and The Manhattan. The costs per person for the menu option selected shall be summarized in the Financial Summary herein.
Event Date. (i) the first screened patient in any trial subsequent to the current trial July 1, 2017 For clarity, “first screened patient” shall mean the first patient screened for histocompatibility status prior to dosing. With regard to the diligence milestone specified in Paragraph 5.4(i), Company may extend such milestone by one (1) year with written notice to JHU prior to the due date thereof specified in Paragraph 5.4(i) and upon paying JHU a non-creditable, nonrefundable fee of [ * ] within thirty (30) days after such notice. The Company may extend the milestone for an additional one (1) year period by written notice to JHU prior to expiration of the initial one (1) year extension period and payment to JHU of a non-creditable, non-refundable fee of [ * ] within thirty (30) days after such written notice. Company shall provide JHU with notice, as provided hereunder in Paragraph 10.6, within thirty (30) days of achieving the diligence milestone. Unless otherwise specifically defined in this Amendment No. 1, all capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning given to such terms in the Agreement. Except as explicitly amended by this Amendment No. 1, all other terms and conditions of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect and apply fully to the terms of this Amendment No. 1 as if part of the Agreement.
Event Date. The User shall hold the following Event: (“Event”) on the _ day of , 20 , between the hours of and . User is authorized to use the Pavilion to hold the Event and for no other purpose. User will expect #_ people and will need # tables and # chairs.
Event Date. Saturday, April 25, 2020
Event Date. As of the date of execution, the Event is scheduled for September 3-4, 2020; however, the Event may be cancelled or reschedule by IDS upon written notice to the Speaker. IDS will endeavor to provide the speaker advance written notice of any cancellation or rescheduling.