New Teacher Orientation Sample Clauses

New Teacher Orientation. The Association may have an information desk at the site of the New Teacher Orientation Program.
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New Teacher Orientation. The Association shall have the opportunity to participate in the opening in-service day including speakers for the sole purpose of greeting new faculty members and informing them of the opportunities available to them through joining their professional association.
New Teacher Orientation. The Appointing Authority shall provide an orientation for each new teacher within fifteen (15) working days of hire. Such orientation shall be during the work day and cover institution policies and procedures.
New Teacher Orientation. Teachers hired by the District at the beginning of the school year shall be offered a comprehensive group orientation to the District and the building, including facilities, resources, policies, and procedures. In connection with the orientation, the Association may participate in planning the orientation and will be provided approximately two (2) hours to address new hires on issues of the Association’s choosing (determined by the Association and the District) pertaining to their introduction to the District. If there is insufficient time within the normal day for the District to discuss items it deems pertinent and to discuss items the Association deems pertinent, the orientation may be extended beyond the normal work day.
New Teacher Orientation. A.25.1 The Board will work with the Saanich Teachers’ Association in the preparation of a “New Teacher Orientation Handbook”.
New Teacher Orientation. Compensation shall be paid as a stipend of 40% of the daily rate for a teacher at the BS level A salary.
New Teacher Orientation. The District and the Union are committed to the success of our new teachers in the Adult Education Program. As a part of this commitment, the following new teacher orientation opportunities may be incorporated into the new teacher orientation for Adult Education teaching staff as determined by the Adult Education Program Manager:
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New Teacher Orientation. The Association shall have a place on the agenda of any new teacher orientation program.
New Teacher Orientation. The Association shall have the right to participate in the new teacher orientation meeting in a social capacity.
New Teacher Orientation. All professional staff new to the school district will be required to attend a one (1) day orientation established by the board. This day will not count as a day in the 186-day contract.
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