REMEDIAL MAINTENANCE. Remedial Maintenance shall mean all maintenance, other than Excluded Services, reasonably required as a result of, and for the purpose of correcting, a System Failure. For purposes of this Agreement, System Failure shall mean any malfunction in the System that prevents or materially interferes with, the accomplishments of any or all of the System intended functions. Following any identification of any System Failure by BUYER, and BUYER's completion of the diagnostic checklist and procedures recommended by SELLER in the User Documentation Set, BUYER shall provide notification thereof to SELLER. In the event of any software failure, SELLER shall thereafter make a good faith effort to cause the appropriate software support person to respond to the BUYER within 30 minutes of the notification with an update as to cause and/or possible solutions. Software support shall be available 24 hours per day 7 days each week including holidays regardless of the severity of the software failure. Exhibit K
REMEDIAL MAINTENANCE. 4.1 In the event of a Fatal Error, Supplier shall respond within four (4) hours after notification thereof by Participant. Supplier shall use best efforts to provide at least a Workaround without material interruption of the Software within two (2) days. A permanent solution for a Fatal Error shall be provided by Supplier with an Update of the Software as soon as possible thereafter, but no later than fourteen (14) days after the report by Participant.
REMEDIAL MAINTENANCE. Whenever an Authorized User enters into any Maintenance Agreement with Contractor, the Contractor automatically becomes responsible for the performance of Remedial Maintenance. Authorized Users cannot waive the Remedial Maintenance and Remedial Maintenance Response Requirements listed in Section 5.3 – Remedial Maintenance. Whether the Authorized User elects to subscribe to monthly Maintenance, prepaid annual Maintenance, or Time and Materials (T&M), Remedial Maintenance must be performed after the Authorized User notifies the Contractor that the Equipment-System is inoperable or unsuitable for operation. The Contractor will be responsible for ensuring that Service for each request is provided in accordance with the following:
REMEDIAL MAINTENANCE. The Maintenance Service sheets for Remedial Maintenance must include, at a minimum, the following information for each request for Service:
REMEDIAL MAINTENANCE a. Upon notification from the Client that the equipment has failed or is malfunctioning, the Contractor shall make such repairs and adjustments to and replace such parts of the equipment as may be necessary to restore the equipment to its proper operating condition to client’s satisfaction.
REMEDIAL MAINTENANCE. C.8.l On-Call Maintenance Services
REMEDIAL MAINTENANCE. “Remedial Maintenance” shall mean the resources required by Nasdaq to keep the OTC Systems Fully Operational as soon as commercially reasonable after a problem is detected and in accordance with the Emergency Procedures attached hereto at Exhibit 13.a.
REMEDIAL MAINTENANCE. In addition to Preventive Maintenance, Incumbent shall perform Remedial Maintenance in the event of an escalated problem that requires one-time, unscheduled repair or corrective action upon notification and initiation of a Trouble Ticket, as set forth below. Incumbent shall manage all Remedial Maintenance and restore all Equipment and System functionality so that the System operates in accordance with the Performance Standards. Incumbent shall maintain at its premises a record log recording any and all Remedial Maintenance performed pursuant to Section 8.2 of the Maintenance Agreement. Such Remedial Maintenance shall supplement and be in addition to Preventive Maintenance.