CONSIDERATION PAYABLE. 2.1 SmarTire will pay to TRW US$2,800,000.00 on the terms and conditions set forth in Sections 2.2 and 2.3.
CONSIDERATION PAYABLE. 5.1 The PURCHASER shall on DATE OF SIGNATURE HEREOF pay to the SELLER the amount stipulated in 1.5 of the SCHEDULE as payment for the Right of Pre-Emption granted by the SELLER to the PURCHASER.
CONSIDERATION PAYABLE. The consideration payable by the Purchaser to the Vendors for the Purchased Shares shall be $20,800,000 and shall be allocated and paid as set out forth in Section 2.03. The Vendors acknowledge and agree that the Purchaser may pay all or a portion of the consideration for the Purchased Shares by issuing shares of the Purchaser's common stock to the Vendors, in which event the Vendors hereby irrevocably, jointly and severally, authorize and direct the Purchaser to sell said shares in the public market pursuant to an effective registration on Form SB-2 in order to fulfill this provision, and provided in any event that said shares shall be sold as soon as possible by such means and that, after giving effect to such sales, the Purchaser shall have paid to the Vendors an aggregate of $20,800,000 in cash.
CONSIDERATION PAYABLE. 5.1 The Resident/Responsible Person shall pay to KAMDEBO the following: Admission Fee:
CONSIDERATION PAYABLE. The parties agree that:
CONSIDERATION PAYABLE. 2.1 The consideration payable by Purchaser for the transfer of the Escrow Shares from the Vendor is $1.00 and other good and valuable consideration. 327
CONSIDERATION PAYABLE. 4.1. The PURCHASER will pay to the SELLER a non-refundable amount equivalent to the PRE-EMPTIVE CONSIDERATION as consideration for the granting of the PRE-EMPTIVE RIGHT in favour of the PURCHASER, in terms of this AGREEMENT.


  • Consideration Payment 5.1 In consideration of the Company’s Services, the Client shall pay to the Company the Consideration to be stipulated in the Termsheet and all reasonable out of pocket expenses (if any) in accordance with the commercial terms and payment terms as detailed in the Separate Agreement.

  • Settlement Consideration In consideration for the Settlement, entry of judgment, and dismissal, and for the mutual release provided herein, HMA and KMA agree to provide the following consideration to the Class:

  • Earn-Out Consideration (a) (i) If the consolidated earnings before taxes (the "EBT") of the Company for the twelve months ending December 31, 1998, increased by amounts in respect of those items set forth on Schedule 2.5 that affected net income during the period from January 1, 1998 through the Closing Date, decreased by the amount of UniCapital corporate overhead allocated to the Company and the amount earned from New Programs for the period from the Closing Date through December 31, 1998 (the "Adjusted 1998 EBT"), exceeds the consolidated EBT of the Company for the twelve months ending December 31, 1997, increased by the add-backs set forth on Schedule 2.5 and inclusive of the amount earned from New Programs in 1997 (the "Adjusted 1997 EBT"), then the Stockholders shall be entitled to receive one-half of the difference between the Adjusted 1998 EBT and the Adjusted 1997 EBT. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Stockholders shall be entitled to receive that portion of the Adjusted 1998 EBT attributable to New Programs.

  • Separation Payment An ASF Member shall be compensated at the final rate of pay for all unused, accumulated vacation, leave time upon separation from state service, or movement to a vacation ineligible position. An employee on an unpaid leave of absence of more than one (1) year for a purpose other than accepting an unclassified position in state civil service, or an employee on layoff that results in separation from service, may elect to be compensated at the final rate of pay for unused accumulated vacation leave. This accumulated vacation payout shall not exceed two hundred and seventy-five (275) hours, except in the case of the ASF Member's death. Calculation of an ASF Member's hourly rate for purposes of computing vacation separation payment shall be based upon a base of two thousand eighty-eight (2,088) working hours per year. Appointment periods of less than one

  • First Consideration The Employer agrees that when a vacancy occurs or a new position is created at the worksite which is within the Union bargaining unit, the Employer shall give its employees, provided there are no employees currently on lay-off, first notice and first consideration in filling the vacancy or new position. Each employee who applies for the vacancy or new position shall be given equal opportunity to demonstrate fitness for the position by formal interview and/or assessment. Where an employee within the bargaining unit is not appointed to fill the vacancy or new position, she shall be given, upon request, an explanation as to why her application was not accepted. The request for reasons must be made within fourteen (14) calendar days of becoming aware that the employee is not the successful candidate, pursuant to Article

  • Consideration to Company In consideration of the granting of this Option by the Company, the Employee agrees to render faithful and efficient services to the Company or a Subsidiary, with such duties and responsibilities as the Company shall from time to time prescribe. Nothing in this Agreement or in the Plan shall confer upon the Employee any right to continue in the employ of the Company or any Subsidiary, or as a director of the Company, or shall interfere with or restrict in any way the rights of the Company and its Subsidiaries, which are hereby expressly reserved, to discharge the Employee at any time for any reason whatsoever, with or without cause.

  • Closing Consideration (a) Subject to Section 2.3, as consideration for the sale of the Acquired Assets to Cypress, at the Closing, Cypress shall pay to Cellatope $2,000,000 in cash via wire transfer to an account designated by Cellatope in writing to Cypress not less than two business days prior to the Closing (the “Closing Consideration”).

  • Consideration Period You have 21 days from the date this Separation Agreement is given to you to consider this Separation Agreement before signing it. You may use as much or as little of this 21-day period as you wish before signing. If you do not sign and return this Separation Agreement within this 21-day period, you will not be eligible to receive the benefits described in this Separation Agreement.

  • Retention Payment Subject to your compliance with Sections 6 and 7 of this letter agreement, if you remain an active full-time employee of the Company, Parent or any of their respective subsidiaries through the expiration of the 12-month period following the Closing, you will receive cash payments equal to the aggregate amount described in the first sentence of the second paragraph of the “Severance Benefits in connection with Change in Control” section of the Employment Agreement (the “Retention Bonus”), which will be paid to you in accordance with the Company’s normal payroll practices for six months following the Release Effective Date (as defined below) in addition to your normal base salary. For the avoidance of doubt, you will be entitled to continue to receive the Retention Bonus payments specified in the immediately preceding sentence in the event your employment is terminated for any reason following the Release Effective Date. You hereby agree that the Employment Agreement and any other agreement between you and the Company providing for severance or separation benefits are hereby amended to provide that, if you become entitled to payment of the Retention Bonus, you will not be entitled to the Termination Compensation or any severance payments or benefits under the Employment Agreement (including under the “Severance Benefits in connection with Change in Control” and “Severance Benefits not in connection with Change in Control” sections) or under any such other agreement, and all of your rights under each such agreement will immediately terminate. In no event will you receive the Retention Bonus if your employment is terminated for any reason prior to the expiration of the 12-month period following the Closing.

  • Compensation & Payment 8.4.1. Should the claim be found proven; settlement is executed only in the form of compensation payment added to the Client trade account.