Recipients Sample Clauses

Recipients. The personal data transferred may be disclosed only to the following recipients or categories of recipients: As per the agreement/s between the parties or otherwise as the parties see fit in accordance with their own privacy policies and applicable legislation. Sensitive data (if appropriate) The personal data transferred concern the following categories of sensitive data: Some special category data such as disabilities may be inferred by special arrangements. Ethnic background may be processed as well. Data protection registration information of data exporter (where applicable) UK ICO registration number: Z6641083 Additional useful information (storage limits and other relevant information) As set out in the agreements that govern the relationship between the parties. Contact points for data protection enquiries Data importer Data exporter
Recipients. Clients of Service Provider establishments in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Spain may obtain further information about Service Provider Affiliates, the Service Provider’s Third Party Service Providers and Payment Infrastructure Providers and Securities Infrastructure Providers to whom their Personal Data has been disclosed on request from the Client’s account manager.
Recipients. 1) Full-time faculty recipients may not accept more than an equivalent of a contract year and must use it within a maximum period of 12 consecutive months.
Recipients. All contracts awarded by a recipient shall contain, when applicable, the anti-lobbying provision as stipulated in the Appendix at Title 40 CFR Part 30. Pursuant to Section 18 of the Lobbying Disclosure Act, the recipient affirms that it is not a nonprofit organization described in Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986; or that it is a nonprofit organization described in Section 501(c)(4) of the Code but does not and will not engage in lobbying activities as defined in Section 3 of the Lobbying Disclosure Act.
Recipients. The International Preliminary Examining Authority shall, on the same day, transmit one copy of the inter- national preliminary examination report and its annexes, if any, to the International Bureau, and one copy to the applicant.
Recipients. The Receiving Party shall procure that each of its Recipients is made aware of and is directed to act in a manner consistent with the provisions of this Agreement. Accordingly, the Receiving Party shall be responsible and liable for any breach by any of its Recipients of the provisions of this Agreement that apply to such Recipient, unless and until such Recipient executes a written undertaking towards the Disclosing Party on the basis of which it individually and separately adheres to, and becomes responsible for compliance with, the obligations of this Agreement that apply to such Recipient. The Receiving Party shall notify the Disclosing Party of any disclosure of Information in breach of this Agreement as soon as it becomes aware thereof.
Recipients a. The Recipient(s) shall ensure that their sub-recipient(s) understand and acknowledge conditions and potential requirements that may be placed upon Undertakings as a result of Section 106 consultation and the provisions of this Agreement.
Recipients. The personal data transferred may be disclosed only to the following recipients or categories of recipients: Employees and other representatives of the data importer who have a legitimate business purpose for the processing of such personal data.
Recipients. The personal data transferred may be disclosed only to the following recipients or categories of recipients: Data importer (or 3rd party authorized by data importer) Data exporter Role: Leader of Data Operation Team Mail: Attachment 4 Data Transfer and Processing Agreement Huawei Services (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, Xxxx 00, 0/X, Xxxxx 0, xxx Xxxxxxx, Xx.0 Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxx Xxx Xxxx, XX, Hong Kong, hereinafter referred to as Huawei, And Customer, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, hereinafter individually referred to as “party”, and collectively as “the parties”; Huawei and the Company act as data controllers for personal data, including for the data processed for the purpose of this Agreement, HUAWEI Developer Service Agreement and HUAWEI Partner Paid Service Agreement, which together control relationship between Huawei and the Company when HUAWEI Advertising Services are used, have entered into this Data Transfer and Processing Agreement as follows. Personal data shall mean any information that is defined as personal data by the applicable laws of the Russia and transferred to the Company by Huawei, including: • Open Advertising ID (OAID, the device ID generated by Huawei), • Advertiser account ID, • Application ID, • Advertising task ID, • Creative ID, and user behavior (such as advertisement display, clicks, and downloads). The personal data transferred belong to users who interact with Customer’s ads served with Huawei Ads platform. The transfer is made for performing attribution analysis and effect evaluation of the launched advertisement based on the data that the Platform reports. No data transfer shall be considered by the parties as the instruction to process personal data. Both parties shall keep confidential the personal data received under the Agreement, shall comply with the requirements and regulations of the Federal Law on Personal Data under N 152-FZ of 27 July 2006, and shall be fully responsible for taking appropriate legal, technical and organizational measures to provide protection to the personal data against accidental or unlawful access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, disclosure or other unauthorized activities. The transferring party shall be responsible for validity and accuracy of personal data transferred to the other party for the purpose of this Agreement, and for obtaining from data subjects their prior consent to transfer of their personal data to the other party, as required by the ...