Privacy Policies definition

Privacy Policies means all published, posted and written internal policies, procedures, agreements and notices with respect to the Company’s collection, use, storage, disclosure, or cross-border transfer of Personal Data.
Privacy Policies has the meaning specified in Section 4.14(e).
Privacy Policies has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 3.11(h).

Examples of Privacy Policies in a sentence

  • In the event there is conflict between the terms of the DPA and the Service Agreement, Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, or with any other bid/RFP, license agreement, or writing, the terms of this DPA shall apply and take precedence.

  • In the event of a conflict, definitions used in this DPA shall prevail over terms used in any other writing, including, but not limited to the Service Agreement, Terms of Service, Privacy Policies etc.

  • Managers and supervisors shall ensure that the Privacy Policies are reviewed with all new Associates at T.

  • Managers and supervisors also shall ensure that revisions to Privacy Policies are communicated to applicable Associates as an integral part of the continuing education of such Associates.

  • The person or persons designated by the District of Columbia, a Hybrid Entity, who is/are responsible for developing, maintaining, implementing and enforcing the District-wide Privacy Policies and Procedures, and for overseeing full compliance with the Privacy and Security Rules, and other applicable federal and state privacy law.

More Definitions of Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies means all written policies applicable to the Company Parties relating to the Processing of Personal Information, including without limitation all website and mobile application privacy policies.
Privacy Policies means all privacy, data protection and similar policies adopted or used by the Company in respect of Personal Information, including any complaints process.
Privacy Policies means, collectively, any and all (a) of the Company Group’s data privacy and security policies, procedures, and notices, whether applicable internally, or published on Company Group websites or otherwise made available by the Company Group to any Person, (b) public representations (including representations on Company Group websites) made by or on behalf of the Company Group with regard to Personal Information, and (c) third party privacy policies with which the Company Group has been or is contractually obligated to comply.
Privacy Policies has the meaning specified in Section 5.20(i).
Privacy Policies shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.19.
Privacy Policies has the meaning set forth in Section 5B.1(b).
Privacy Policies means all policies relating to Personal Data or the security of any IT Assets adopted by Parent or its Affiliates.