RACKS Sample Clauses

RACKS. The racks listed and described on SCHEDULE 1.1(D) (the "Initial Racks").
RACKS o WinStar has standardized on 23 inch racks for all of its equipment facilities, this is to provide flexibility for new technologies that may be introduced into the network. Wherever possible equipment will be specified at 19 inch, this is to be able to install equipment into existing 19 inch facilities or at other service providers sites. o Equipment racks or cabinets shall be 23 x 84 inch EIA/TIA standard, drilled both sides. o Provide 23 to 19 inch full length rack reducers o Allow a minimum of 36 inches space in front and back of the rack. o Racks shall be lag mounted into a concrete floor on 4 corners. o Rack systems require an additional ladder connecting all racks and extending from each end-rack to a wall.
RACKS. The racks listed and described on SCHEDULE 1.1(D) (the "INITIAL RACKS").
RACKS. AOL will install, place, upgrade and add Customer Equipment in Licensed Spaces only in racks approved or provided by AOL. AOL shall designate the location of each rack.
RACKS. 1. All kinds of racks in the closed aisle should be consistent in shape and size, and there should be no obvious air flow short path point and air leakage point in the structural design.
RACKS. Cogent shall supply its own racks or may request that Xxxxxxxx provide such racks as an Additional Service at its standard rates.
RACKS. IDT shall provide all of the equipment racks needed to hold the equipment utilized to provide the hosting services, including, without limitation, at least thirty-five (35) relay racks with cable management equipped for at least sixty-five (65) server level computers. IDT shall be responsible for the design and assembly of the racks. In any event, the racks shall meet the spatial dimensions and engineering specifications (e.g., power cooling and insulation) established by TI USA PORTAL from time to time. Without limiting the foregoing, IDT will provide to TI USA PORTAL at least seven (7) racks within ten (10) days of the Effective Date, and an additional five (5) 9 racks within the following eleven (11) days.
RACKS. Landlord hereby permits Tenant to utilize existing storage racks in the Premises without any charge to Tenant or compensation to Landlord. Tenant acknowledges that such use is permitted without representation or warranty as to fitness for purpose or other warranty; it being acknowledged that such racking is furnished “AS-IS”, “WHERE-IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS”. The ownership of the racks shall remain with Landlord throughout the Term, and any applicable Extended Term, of the Lease.
RACKS. All racks and equipment are to be plumb and true with the walls and floor of the shelter and reflect an installation consistent with the electrical and operational requirements of the equipment and the appearance standards of a professional installation. Racks are to be bolted to the floor and aligned on the center line as in the site drawing provided by the licensor. Racks are not to be attached to the cable trays.

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