RACKS Sample Clauses

RACKS. The racks listed and described on SCHEDULE 1.1(D) (the "Initial Racks").
RACKS o WinStar has standardized on 23 inch racks for all of its equipment facilities, this is to provide flexibility for new technologies that may be introduced into the network. Wherever possible equipment will be specified at 19 inch, this is to be able to install equipment into existing 19 inch facilities or at other service providers sites. o Equipment racks or cabinets shall be 23 x 84 inch EIA/TIA standard, drilled both sides. o Provide 23 to 19 inch full length rack reducers o Allow a minimum of 36 inches space in front and back of the rack. o Racks shall be lag mounted into a concrete floor on 4 corners. o Rack systems require an additional ladder connecting all racks and extending from each end-rack to a wall.
RACKS. The racks listed and described on SCHEDULE 1.1(D) (the "INITIAL RACKS").
RACKS. AOL will install, place, upgrade and add Customer Equipment in Licensed Spaces only in racks approved or provided by AOL. AOL shall designate the location of each rack.
RACKS. IDT shall provide all of the equipment racks needed to hold the equipment utilized to provide the hosting services, including, without limitation, at least thirty-five (35) relay racks with cable management equipped for at least sixty-five (65) server level computers. IDT shall be responsible for the design and assembly of the racks. In any event, the racks shall meet the spatial dimensions and engineering specifications (e.g., power cooling and insulation) established by TI USA PORTAL from time to time. Without limiting the foregoing, IDT will provide to TI USA PORTAL at least seven (7) racks within ten (10) days of the Effective Date, and an additional five (5) 9 racks within the following eleven (11) days.
RACKS. Cogent shall supply its own racks or may request that Williams provide such racks as an Additional Service at its standard rates.

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  • KITCHEN The kitchen is for warming purposes only. It is equipped with commercial freezer and refrigerator, two large microwaves, and deep sinks for clean-up. Please remember that if warm drinks are put in the refrigerator, it may take a long time for the drinks to get cold. The Hancock Park District does not provide catering.

  • Loading Not to place a load upon the Premises exceeding an average rate of one hundred (100) pounds of live load per square foot of floor area; and not to move any safe, vault or other heavy equipment in, about or out of the Premises except in such a manner and at such times as Landlord shall in each instance approve; Tenant's business machines and mechanical equipment which cause vibration or noise that may be transmitted to the Building structure shall be placed and maintained by Tenant in settings of cork, rubber, spring, or other types of vibration eliminators sufficient to eliminate such vibration or noise;

  • Pipelines Developer shall have no interest in the pipeline gathering system, which gathering system shall remain the sole property of Operator or its Affiliates and shall be maintained at their sole cost and expense.

  • Lighting A system of fixtures providing or controlling the light sources used on or near the airport or within the airport buildings. The field lighting includes all luminous signals, markers, floodlights, and illuminating devices used on or near the airport or to aid in the operation of aircraft landing at, taking off from, or taxiing on the airport surface.

  • Video Display Terminals When employees are required to monitor video display terminals which use cathode ray tubes, then:

  • Storage Your milk must be stored in accordance with all Laws and the Quality Standards. Your milk will not be collected by DFMC from non-refrigerated vessels. Furthermore, DFMC will not accept your milk if it has been segregated on the basis of composition or quality.

  • Vending Machines Seller shall remove all monies from all vending machines, laundry machines, pay telephones and other coin-operated equipment as of the Cut-Off Time and shall retain all monies collected therefrom as of the Cut-Off Time, and Purchaser shall be entitled to any monies collected therefrom after the Cut-Off Time.

  • Containers The marine and intermodal cargo containers either owned or leased by the Borrower and employed by the Borrower in the conduct of its business, including, without limitation, refrigerated, dry van, tank, open top and flat rack containers and refrigeration units and generator sets associated therewith, but excluding any chassis for such containers.

  • Mailboxes UNION delegates, officers and authorized UNION representatives shall have the right to place materials in the mailboxes of bargaining unit employees. Materials placed in mailboxes shall be restricted to official communications from the UNION or communications signed by the UNION delegate. A copy of all materials placed in the mailboxes of bargaining unit employees by the UNION shall simultaneously be placed in the principal’s or head administrator’s mailbox.

  • Telephones The Unit may or may not have a telephone. If this is a material concern please check with Manager to determie if the Unit has phone service. Phones are for local calls only. LIMITED DAMAGE WAIVER PROGRAM