Demolition Sample Clauses

Demolition. The Lessor shall remove existing abandoned electric, telephone, and data cabling and devices, as well as any other improvements or fixtures in place, to accommodate the Government’s requirements. Any demolition of existing improvements that is necessary to satisfy the Government’s layout shall be done at the Lessor’s expense.
Demolition. The Developer agrees to secure all required permits from the necessary governmental entities, including the Town, for the demolition of structures on the Project Site. The Developer further agrees that it will haul all scrap, buildings, materials, debris, rubbish and other degradable materials to an authorized landfill and shall not bury such materials within the Project Site.
Demolition. (1) The Grantee must submit one of the following to HUD for approval, as applicable, before demolition activities under the Revitalization Plan may be carried out:
Demolition. 1) The written approval of the Director of Works shall be obtained before any demolition work is commenced.
Demolition. Landlord shall have the right to terminate this Lease if Landlord proposes or is required, for any reason, to remodel, remove, or demolish the Building or any substantial portion thereof. Such cancellation shall be exercised by Landlord by the service of not less than ninety (90) days' written notice of such termination. Such notice shall set forth the date upon which the termination will be effective. No money or other consideration shall be payable by Landlord to Tenant for Landlord's exercise of this right, and the right is hereby reserved to Landlord and all purchasers, successors, assigns, transferees, and ground tenants of Landlord, as the case may be, and is in addition to all other rights of Landlord. Tenant has read the foregoing and understands that Landlord has a right to terminate this Lease as provided above.
Demolition. 13.1 The Agency’s approval must be obtained prior to demolition of a property.
Demolition. The act or process of reducing a structure, as defined by the State or local code, to a collapsed condition. It contrasts with deconstruction, which is the taking down of a building while carefully preserving valuable elements for reuse.
Demolition. To the extent feasible, all demolition must be scheduled at the “front endof the project.
Demolition. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Agreement, for demolition work only, if required by the Project owner, the normal days of work may be modified by the Employer to include Saturdays and Sundays as regular work days. Demolition work may be performed at regular rates of pay up to a maximum of forty (40) hours per week or eight (8) hours per day, after which overtime at the rate of time and one-half (1.5x) will apply. Employees who work demolition on a Saturday and/or Sunday shall be allowed an alternate day off in the preceding or following week.