Loading definition

Loading means the quantity of a specific substance present per unit of surface area, such as the amount of lead in micrograms contained in the dust collected from a certain surface area divided by the surface area in square feet or square meters.
Loading and “Discharging” means the service of loading or unloading Goods between a place of rest at the Terminal and any vessel, rail car, trucks/motor vehicle, or other conveyance.
Loading means all actions carried out by the loader, in accordance with the definition of loader;

Examples of Loading in a sentence

  • Resource Loading: The allocation of manpower and equipment necessary for the completion of an activity as scheduled.

  • Cost Loading: The allocation of the Schedule of Values for the completion of an activity as scheduled.

  • The circumstances that a fact shall be considered "material" include, but not limited to, the situation where the disclosure of such fact as required by the Company would have affected the underwriting decision of the Company, such that the Company would have imposed Premium Loading, included Case-based Exclusion(s), or rejected the application.

  • Cost Loading: The allocation of the schedule of values for the completion of an activity as scheduled.

  • Where the Policy Holder requests the Company to re-underwrite these Terms and Benefits at the time of Renewal for reduction in Premium Loading or removal of Case-based Exclusion(s) according to the Company's underwriting practices.

More Definitions of Loading

Loading means the loading or unloading of goods to or from a vehicle;
Loading and “Unloading” means the conveyance of goods or merchandise to or from any premises situated on or adjacent to that length of road, to the extent that such goods or merchandise cannot, by reason of size, weight or value, reasonably be conveyed otherwise than by vehicle;
Loading means the physical activity of moving merchandise from or to a property or another vehicle and the physical activity of passengers entering or departing a vehicle;
Loading means any act of transferring a pesticide to or from any storage container, or to any application equipment.
Loading a module means that a series of (useful) shell environment variables wil be set
Loading means the ratio of the bio- mass of gammarids (grams, wet weight) to the volume (liters) of test solution in either a test chamber or passing through it in a 24-hour period.
Loading and "Unloading" means the continuous transference from (or to) a Vehicle to (or from) premises adjacent to where the Vehicle is parked of heavy or unmanageable goods that are not designed to be carried by hand other than over a very short distance;