Mailboxes Sample Clauses

Mailboxes. UNION delegates, officers and authorized UNION representatives shall have the right to place materials in the mailboxes of bargaining unit employees. Materials placed in mailboxes shall be restricted to official communications from the UNION or communications signed by the UNION delegate. A copy of all materials placed in the mailboxes of bargaining unit employees by the UNION shall simultaneously be placed in the principal’s or head administrator’s mailbox.
Mailboxes. 22:04 Each employee shall have access to an individual mailbox for mail located conveniently within the Department of employment. The Employer agrees to allow each individual to maintain either a mailbox or a file folder for mail, depending upon the physical facilities available, for a period of four (4) months after the end of their last appointment.
Mailboxes. The Association shall have the exclusive privilege as the labor organization for 13 teachers, through its representative, of distributing notices of Association meetings in teacher 14 mailboxes in schools. Such notices shall consist of the time, date and place at which a meeting 15 will be held. In addition to notices of Association meetings, other materials such as Association 16 newsletters, which relate to wages, hours, terms and conditions of employment of teachers, and
Mailboxes. The Association shall have the right to distribute Association materials in 16 employee mailboxes at school sites where such mailboxes are provided. When the Board and the 17 Association must communicate items of mutual concern to the employees of the District; the 18 courier service may be utilized to disseminate such communications. The Association agrees to 19 indemnify the Board for any claim that might arise on the issue of private express, including all 20 costs, penalties, and attorney’s fees.
Mailboxes. The Board will furnish and/or designate mailboxes for all classified personnel, and the Association shall be permitted use of such mailboxes.
Mailboxes. No one shall force or pry open any mailboxes. Tenants will be charged for repairing any mailbox that has been pried open and may thereafter be required to obtain their mail from the local post office.
Mailboxes. At least one (1) mailbox will be provided at each worksite for each Bargaining Unit classification.
Mailboxes. The developer shall coordinate placement of clustered mailboxes with the United States Postal Service.
Mailboxes. The Resident agrees to check their University mailbox and e-mail on a daily basis for official University correspondence.