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Pipelines means the Malaga Pipeline System, Roadrunner Pipeline, the Tulsa Pipelines, the Tulsa Interconnecting Pipelines, and the El Dorado Delivery Lines, and any other pipeline included in the Applicable Assets.
Pipelines means the apparatus located in the pipeline corridor, or in or comprising a protected crossing at the time when the pipeline survey is carried out;
Pipelines means the pipelines described in Schedule "B";

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Source of Measure : -Petroleum Mining Act (Cap 44) -Petroleum (Pipelines) Act (Cap45) -Brunei National Petroleum Company Order 2002.

Any portions of this Service Agreement necessary to correct or cash-out imbalances under this Service Agreement as required by the General Terms and Conditions of Pipeline's FERC Gas Tariff, Volume No. 1, shall survive the other parts of this Service Agreement until such time as such balancing has been accomplished.

Customer agrees that in the event Customer tenders for service hereunder and Pipeline agrees to accept natural gas which does not comply with Pipeline's quality specifications, as expressly provided for in Section 5 of Pipeline's General Terms and Conditions, Customer shall pay all costs associated with processing of such gas as necessary to comply with such quality specifications.

Additional Reports - Enclosed if ordered: (1) PROPERTY TAX REPORT (includes state-required Notices of Mello-Roos and 1915 Bond Act Assessments, and Notice of Supplemental Property Tax Bill, (2) ENVIRONMENTAL SCREENING REPORT (discloses Transmission Pipelines, Contaminated Sites, and Oil & Gas Wells).

Pipelines shall provide the necessary connections and facilities for the exchange of tonnage at every locality reached by two or more pipelines, when the commission finds that a necessity exists for connection, and under such regulations as said commission may determine in each case.

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Pipelines means a pipe, or system of pipes, or part of a pipe, or part of a system of pipes, for transporting natural gas, and any tanks, reservoirs, machinery or equipment directly attached to the pipe, or system of pipes, but does not include:
Pipelines means the crude oil pipelines and refined petroleum products pipelines and related facilities identified in Exhibit A hereto, and any other crude oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, natural gas liquid pipelines, liquefied petroleum gas pipelines and refined petroleum products pipelines and related facilities that Operator agrees to operate on behalf of Company upon reasonable request by Company.
Pipelines means those two (2) product delivery lines extending from the Group 1 Tankage to interconnection points with the Magellan pipeline.
Pipelines means all parts of those physical facilities through which gas moves in transportation;
Pipelines means the Crude Oil Pipelines and the Product Pipelines.
Pipelines means the McMurrey Pipeline and the Nettleton Pipeline.
Pipelines means and include Gas' gas gathering and/or residue pipeline systems in the State of Oklahoma associated with the gathering and/or transportation of gas and the delivery of gas or residue gas to purchasers or transporters (as the same now exist or as may hereafter be extended), including, but not by way of limitation, the Right-Of-Way Properties and all buildings, structures, attachments, fittings and fixtures, facilities, tools, materials, equipment, machinery, appliances, pipeline, piping, powerlines, electrical systems, metering and calibration facilities, compressors, dehydrators, sponge units, instrument and equipment housing, equipment storage facilities, tanks, engines, valves, traps, pumps, motors, instruments, fencing, office equipment, expanders, heat exchangers, chillers, separators, cooling towers, boilers and reboilers, turbines, generators, meters and instruments, fractionators, stills, debutanizers, heaters, coolers, stabilizers, scrubbers, absorbers, reabsorbers, flash towers, oil reclaimers, loading racks, injection facilities, accumulators, economizers, fans, condensers and valves, and appurtenances of every nature and kind whatsoever now or hereafter forming a part of, appertaining to or used or for use in connection with said Pipeline.