Trailers Sample Clauses

Trailers. You are insured against claims arising out of your ownership, use or operation of any trailer or its equipment, provided that such trailer is not being towed by, attached to, or carried on a motorized vehicle.
Trailers. Trailers that are exhibited in the Theatres shall not include the exhibition or display of any trademark, service xxxx, logo or other branding of a party other than the film studio(s), distributor(s), production company(ies); provided, however, Trailers may include incidental images of products or services which appear in the motion picture (e.g., product placements).
Trailers. 1.3.1. The energy storage devices (energy reservoirs) with which trailers are equipped shall be such that, after eight full-stroke actuations of the towing vehicle's service braking system, the energy level supplied to the operating members using the energy, does not fall below a level equivalent to one-half of the figure obtained at the first brake application and without actuating either the automatic or the parking braking system of the trailer.
Trailers. 3.1. The trailer's response times shall be measured without the power-driven vehicle. To replace the power-driven vehicle, it is necessary to provide a simulator to which the coupling heads of the supply line, the pneumatic control line and/or the connector of the electric control line are connected.
Trailers campers, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles (commercial trucks or equipment or vehicles that carry or are mounted with equipment used in a profession or employment, including taxis), trucks (other than a standard size or smaller pick-up truck or van), inoperable vehicles of any kind, boats, or similar equipment or vehicles, cannot remain on any area of the Apartment Community except for the temporary purpose of loading or unloading of passengers or personal property. Vehicles violating this provision are subject to towing at the expense of the Owner of the vehicle.
Trailers. Dana will take such steps as are necessary to transfer title to the Trailers to Affinia on an “as-is, where-is” basis as soon as reasonably practicable after the Approval Date. Affinia will pay any and all costs owed to third parties related to such transfer.
Trailers. If the services include transportation of a vehicle with an attached trailer, the trailer must be safe for towing and must have all necessary registrations and permits. You are responsible for properly securing any cargo or items located on or in the trailer. An adequate trailer hitch chains, and electrical and brake connections must be installed on the vehicle and trailer prior to pick up. The trailer must have brakes and lights in working condition. The total weight of the trailer and any cargo shall not exceed manufacturer’s specifications for the Vehicle, the trailer, or the trailer hitch. If the driver determines, in his or her sole discretion, that transportation of the trailer or cargo would be unsafe, the driver may refuse to transport the trailer or cargo.
Trailers. Workers who hold a currentheavy trailer” licence or an “articulated vehicle” licence and who are called upon by the Chief Executive/National Commander to drive an articulated vehicle or tow a heavy trailer during any shift shall be paid the additional payment specified in Table 4 of Part 5 of this Agreement for the shift. Where workers are in receipt of payment as Driver Grade 1 the additional amount referred to in this subclause shall not be paid. DRIVING LICENCES
Trailers. If you receive a title/certificate of origin for a trailer you acquire under your contract, forward the title or certificate to your Contract Property Administrator.