Quality Management System Sample Clauses

Quality Management System. Supplier hereby undertakes, warrants and confirms to remain certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 standards or equivalent, and Supplier shall at all times during the term of Agreement be willing to prove such claim to be true. In any event, Supplier must notify ISR in writing, if the said qualification is suspended and/or canceled and/or not continued. For the avoidance of doubt, the aforementioned in this Section shall apply to Supplier and/or any of its Subcontractors.
Quality Management System. During the Agreement Period, Supplier must remain certified in accordance with ISO 9001 as may be updated from time to time and/or equivalent standards and shall provide ISR with evidence thereof. In any event, Supplier shall immediately notify ISR if the said certification is suspended and/or canceled and/or not continued as soon as practicable and in any event within no more than seven days from such event.
Quality Management System. Kin Yat shall maintain a Quality System that is certified to an internationally recognized quality management system standard, such as ISO 9001 or equivalent.
Quality Management System. 4.1 The Company will operate the Facilities in accordance with a Quality Management System ("QMS") to be agreed with the County Council within three months of the Effective Date of this Agreement.
Quality Management System. The prerequisite for a supply relationship with voestalpine is an effective quality management system, which is structured in accordance with the applicable provisions of DIN EN ISO 9001/ IATF 16949. The effectiveness of the QM system is demonstrated by the following:  continuing and verifiable improvement in the processes, procedures and products;  quality of deliveries;  reliability of deliveries;  effectiveness and speed of the implementation of corrective measures;  communication on all levels;  on-topic and on-schedule processing of new projects and change projects. The purpose of this quality management system is to achieve our joint goal of “zero defects.” The expiry of a certificate without planned recertification must be communicated to voestalpine at least six months before the expiry date. New certificates shall be sent to the competent contact partner in the voestalpine Procurement Department on the supplier’s own initiative. If this is not done, the supplier can be brought into the voestalpine escalation process. This may have an impact on future business in certain circumstances. The revocation of a certificate must be promptly reported to voestalpine. Certifications must be issued by accredited certification companies. voestalpine reserves the right to conduct audits and assessments of the quality management system, processes and/ or products with prior notice, including with its customers, if necessary. voestalpine’s agents and our joint customers shall be granted access to all relevant areas for this purpose, and the legitimate confidentiality interests of the supplier shall be given due consideration. In accordance with the requirements of the IATF, the supplier must ensure that all externally provided processes, products and services comply with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements of the exporting country, the importing country and the destination country identified by the customer – insofar as they have been communicated to the organization. Compliance with this requirement shall also be ensured within the supply chain.
Quality Management System. 4.2.1 Manufacturer shall document, implement, and maintain an acceptable Quality System. Manufacturer will test and inspect all Products in accordance with its existing procedures before shipping any Products to Accelerated. Manufacturer will supply an Accelerated -approved certificate of compliance for all Products shipped, which includes the results of the standard testing and procedures. Manufacturer will document all of its standard operating procedures, including quality assurance, manufacturing, testing and delivery and make copies of those procedures available to Accelerated for its review and audit.
Quality Management System. 2.1 The Contractor undertakes to operate a quality management system with current certification (hereinafter also referred to as “QM system” or “QMS”) in accordance with ISO 9001 or ISO/TS 16949 (each as most recently amended). Notification of any renewal or revocation of certification shall be given unbidden and without delay. The QMS shall be applied to ensure that all quality assurance measures are planned by the Contractor, documented, and carried out by qualified personnel. The Contractor undertakes to apply preventive quality assurance and continuous improvement methods.
Quality Management System. 8.1. The Contractor shall maintain a Quality Management System throughout the Term.