Quality Requirements definition

Quality Requirements means those requirements which are specified in the Contract.
Quality Requirements means the document that specifies the quality requirements to which all of the Parts shall materially conform. The Quality Requirements are set forth in Appendix 3.
Quality Requirements means, with respect to a Product, the requirements set forth in this Master Agreement and in any written quality agreement covering such Product between the applicable Business Unit and Supplier, including in any applicable BUSA.

Examples of Quality Requirements in a sentence

  • Section 014000 "Quality Requirements" for submitting a schedule of tests and inspections.

  • Triumph’s FAI requirements are delineated in SQR-011 Supplier Quality Requirements for First Article Inspection.

  • Approval to SQR-002 is required before a supplier can receive a formal purchase order that involves Key Characteristics.• SQR-003 – Nonconformance Reference Handbook for Suppliers; Applicable to all purchase orders• SQR-004 – Supplier Quality Requirements “Control and Use of Digital Product Definition”; SQR-004 is applicable if part design and/or configuration is defined via a released digital dataset (e.g., CATIA, UNIGRAPHICS, MEDs, IGES, etc.).

  • FAC 2005–78 DECEMBER 26, 2014 Subpart 46.2—Contract Quality Requirements 46.202-4Subpart 46.2—Contract Quality Requirements46.201 General.(a) The contracting officer shall include in the solicitation and contract the appropriate quality requirements.

  • In order to ensure clear definition, Triumph’s FAI requirements are delineated in SQR-011 Supplier Quality Requirements for First Article Inspection.

More Definitions of Quality Requirements

Quality Requirements shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.3.
Quality Requirements means those minimum requirements for the supply of Dairy Product described in the Dairy Product Policy.
Quality Requirements means the quality requirements for the Products, as set forth in Exhibit C "Quality Requirements".
Quality Requirements means the quality requirements set out in the table at Section 3 Part 1 of Module B (Quality Requirements) as may be amended by the Parties in accordance with this Agreement or with the recommendations or requirements of NICE;
Quality Requirements means the Quality Requirements attached hereto as Exhibit C.