Pupil Sample Clauses

Pupil. Please talk through this section with your child. I will do my best to:
Pupil. As a pupil of this school I agree to abide by the rules for acceptable use of the iPad Home Agreement as set out above. Pupil Signature _____________________________ Date: ___/___/___ Name -------------------------------------------------- Class -------------- Parent As the parent/carer or legal guardian of the pupil signing above, I grant permission for him/her to the conditions as set above. I agree to encourage him/her to abide by the rules outlined on the Ipad Home Agreement. Parent/Guardian Signature _________________________ Date ___/___/___ Name of Pupil ____________________________
Pupil. Teacher Ratio--For the school year, September 1, 2000 to August 31, 2001, sufficient certificated teachers shall be allocated to schools on or before October 15, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a pupil/teacher ratio of 22.83:1 for school-based staff described as follows in the annual budget: "All pupils to teachers (school staff) excluding pre-primary."
Pupil. I will:  Follow school rules, work hard and make a positive contribution to the life of this community.  Respect other pupils, staff, visitors and myself and behave sensibly and courteously at all times.  Be aware that racism, intolerance and bullying are unacceptable in our school .  Keep myself and others in school safe.  Attend school regularly and on time, avoiding ALL unnecessary absences.  Be well prepared for the school day (well-rested, well-fed and equipped with the right stationery and books).  Wear the required uniform and PE kit and be tidy in my appearance.  Complete homework on time to the best of my ability .  Make sure that my mobile phone is switched off and not used during the school day. I understand that the school does not want mobile phones at Queensbridge and takes no responsibility if they are lost or stolen.  Not use drugs, alcohol or other substances.  Take good care of the school environment and help to keep the school free from litter and graffiti.  Log on to the VLE (Frog) every day in school, and at home when possible, using only my own login and password, which I will keep secret.  Not access other people’s files.  Abide by the Queensbridge School eSafety policy.  Only use the computers for school and homework.  Not visit internet sites that I know may contain material of an unsuitable nature.  Respect copyright rules, other people’s beliefs and views.  Not post or forward inappropriate, illegal, abusive or obscene content to students, staff or parents/ carers.  Report any unpleasant material or messages sent to me.  Understand that my actions on school computers or systems are scrutinised by monitoring to ensure internet safety to all.  Understand that the use of the computer systems without permission or for a purpose not agreed by the school could constitute a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Signed: ………………………………………………………………….. Date: …………………… Parents and Carers As a Parent/Carer I will:  Ensure my child attends regularly and punctually as required by law.  Keep the school informed of anything which I believe might affect my child's progress in school especially absence, illness, and change of family situation.  Avoid ALL unnecessary absences, including holiday in school time.  Provide a place at home that is as quiet as possible, to encourage completion of homework.  Take an interest in my child's school work, looking at their exercise books and the VLE (Frog) regularly.  Read...
Pupil includes the student, student's parent/guardian or legal counsel. (EC 48925 (e))
Pupil. Parents or volunteers supervising trips are also responsible for enforcing the school’s policy for pupils using their phones, as set out above.Parents must use the school office as the first point of contact if they need to get in touch with their child during the school day. They must not try to contact their child on his/her personal mobile during the school day. Loss, theft or damagePupils bringing phones to school must ensure that phones are appropriately labelled, and are stored securely in the school office.Pupils must secure their phones as much as possible, including using passwords or pin codes to protect access to the phone’s functions. Staff must also secure their personal phones, as well as any work phone provided to them. Failure by staff to do so could result in data breaches.The school accepts no responsibility for mobile phones that are lost, damaged or stolen on school premises or transport, during school visits or trips, or while pupils are travelling to and from school.Parents will be made aware of the above disclaimer by:• School will provide a copy of the policy to new pupils and parentsConfiscated phones will be stored in the school office in a locked cabinet. They will be stored there until collected by a parent.Lost phones should be returned to the school office. The school will then attempt to contact the owner.Monitoring and reviewThe school is committed to ensuring that this policy has a positive impact of pupils’ education, behaviour and welfare. When reviewing the policy, the school will take into account:• Feedback from parents and pupils• Feedback from teachers• Records of behaviour and safeguarding incidents• Relevant advice from the Department for Education, the local authority or other relevant organisations• Approval from the Full Governing Body
Pupil. Monthly school visits (agreed dates): Date of mid-placement review: Date of end-of-placement review:

Related to Pupil

  • Job Descriptions The Employer agrees to supply each employee with a copy of her current job description. Upon request, the Union and the Bargaining Unit Chair shall be provided copies of all job descriptions in the bargaining unit.

  • Job Description 33.01 The Employer shall prepare a job description for each position within the bargaining unit. In addition, the Employer shall prepare a document specifying the roles and responsibilities of an Employee designated in charge including the authority or process for augmenting staff. Copies of such descriptions shall be on hand at each nursing unit and shall be available to each Employee upon request. Copies of all such documents shall be provided to the Union upon request, and whenever changes are made.

  • Department’s Contract Manager The Department’s Contract Manager, who is primarily responsible for the Department’s oversight of the Contract, will be identified in a separate writing to the Contractor upon Contract signing in the following format: Department’s Contract Manager Name Department’s Name Department’s Physical Address Department’s Telephone # Department’s Email Address If the Department changes the Contract Manager, the Department will notify the Contractor. Such a change does not require an amendment to the Contract.

  • Switching System Hierarchy and Trunking Requirements For purposes of routing Reconex traffic to Verizon, the subtending arrangements between Verizon Tandem Switches and Verizon End Office Switches shall be the same as the Tandem/End Office subtending arrangements Verizon maintains for the routing of its own or other carriers’ traffic. For purposes of routing Verizon traffic to Reconex, the subtending arrangements between Reconex Tandem Switches and Reconex End Office Switches shall be the same as the Tandem/End Office subtending arrangements which Reconex maintains for the routing of its own or other carriers’ traffic.

  • Green Economy/Carbon Footprint a) The Supplier/Service Provider has in its bid provided Transnet with an understanding of the Supplier’s/Service Provider’s position with regard to issues such as waste disposal, recycling and energy conservation.

  • Job Postings The employee may apply for a job posting at either home based on their seniority at the designated employer. The vacancy will be filled in accordance with Article 9 of the collective agreement. Where seniority is the deciding factor the most senior candidate will be selected regardless of which home her/his seniority was accumulated.

  • TEXT MESSAGING WHILE DRIVING In accordance with Executive Order (EO) 13513, “Federal Leadership on Reducing Text Messaging While Driving,” any and all text messaging by Federal employees is banned: a) while driving a Government owned vehicle (GOV) or driving a privately owned vehicle (POV) while on official Government business; or b) using any electronic equipment supplied by the Government when driving any vehicle at any time. All cooperators, their employees, volunteers, and contractors are encouraged to adopt and enforce policies that ban text messaging when driving company owned, leased or rented vehicles, POVs or GOVs when driving while on official Government business or when performing any work for or on behalf of the Government.

  • Position Descriptions Individual position descriptions shall be reduced to writing and delineate the duties currently assigned to an employee’s position. A dated copy of the position description shall be given to the employee upon assuming the position and when the position description is amended. The individual position description shall be subject to at least an annual review with the employee. Nothing contained herein shall compromise the right or the responsibility of the Agency to assign work consistent with the classification specification.

  • Uptime bookinglab shall ensure that the taptravel Service will be available, excluding Downtime caused by Scheduled Maintenance, Emergency Maintenance or Force Majeure event, 99.5% of the time in any one calendar month (first day to last day) (the “Service Level”). The Service Level will not apply (and therefore no Service Credits will be applicable) to the extent that any Service Level Failure is caused by: (a) a Penetration Test conducted by Customer without the prior written approval of bookinglab; or (b) Customer’s failure to comply with specific instructions provided by bookinglab; or (c) a failure of the Customer to comply with any Customer responsibility or obligation detailed in a Statement of Work, Order Form or the Master Subscription Agreement; or (d) Customer’s failure to adhere to JRNI’s, You.Smart.Thing’s or bookinglab’s best practice guidelines for the use of the API.