Electronic Mail Sample Clauses

Electronic Mail. Electronic mail capabilities as available to unit members in the course of their work may be used for the purpose of reasonable communication on union matters consistent with applicable law and the State of Maine E-Mail Usage and Management Policy. Any use of the State’s e-mail system under this Article must be of an incidental nature (e.g., meeting announcements) and must not interfere with State government functions and purposes.
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Electronic Mail. Electronic mail may be used to distribute routine communications, such as financial statements and other information, and documents to be signed by the parties hereto; provided, however, that no Notice of Borrowing, signature, or other notice or document intended to be legally binding shall be effective if sent by electronic mail.
Electronic Mail. (a) The parties agree, that in the absence of evidence to the contrary, an electronic mail message sent by a party to the electronic mail addresses notified by the parties shall be deemed to be received on the day after the day that the electronic mail message is recorded as having been sent by the sender's computer server.
Electronic Mail. The Executive Board shall have authority to communicate via electronic mail to separate electronic mail lists, including but not limited to all Fire Department members, all Local 48 members and all Uniformed Fire Personnel, provided such communications do not unduly interfere with City work. Any member may elect, in writing, to be removed from the Uniformed Fire Personnel list. Said electronic mail shall also be distributed to the Fire Chief or his designee and is subject to further distribution by the Fire Chief or his designee.
Electronic Mail. Electronic mail is a Board-owned resource. Employees who use this system must realize that electronic communications are inherently vulnerable and non-private. To ensure productivity and good morale, the Board affirms that users of these systems shall have a limited zone of privacy subject to reasonable needs of the Board in assuring the rights of individuals, ensuring lawful conduct of all employees, and protecting the school system from the threat of litigation. Steps have been and are being taken by the Board to ensure the security of this system for users.
Electronic Mail. When this Grant Agreement requires Grantee to give invoices, reports, or other documents to the Department, Grantee must use email unless this Grant Agreement specifically requires that the document be sent by mail. All email must contain the Grant Agreement number and Grantee’s name in the subject line.
Electronic Mail. We will not have to take any action based on any message sent to us by electronic mail until we receive and have a reasonable time to act on the message. Electronic mail must not be used to communicate to us information that is urgent or requires a prompt response or prompt action (for example, a stop payment order or a report of an unauthorized transaction involving a deposit account or line of credit account).
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Electronic Mail. If you send us electronic mail (“email”), we may not receive or review it immediately. We will have a reasonable time to act upon any email request or notice, and reserve the right to reject any transaction or request received by email. For security reasons, you should not send us any email with your account or personal information in it. Our service providers and we assume no responsibility for viruses created by third parties, or for any third party’s unauthorized access to, or use of, your computer system.
Electronic Mail. You agree and acknowledge that traditional e-mail may not be secure, and therefore, you agree to send us e-mail communications only through the secure messaging service in the Online Banking System. We cannot otherwise act on instructions sent by you from an external email address. We may not immediately receive e-mail that you send. Therefore, you should not rely on e-mail if you need to communicate with us immediately, such as to report a compromised or stolen Online Banking Username and Password. We will not take actions based on your e-mail requests until we actually receive the request and have a reasonable opportunity to act. For immediate assistance, please contact our Customer Service Line at 000- 000-0000.
Electronic Mail. Any notice, demand or other communication other than a Drawdown Notice or a Renewal Notice to be made or delivered pursuant to this Agreement may be made by electronic mail or other electronic means, if the Agent, the Borrower and/or the Lender:
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