Production Equipment Sample Clauses

Production Equipment. Seller at its own expense must furnish, keep in good condition and replace when necessary, all equipment, dies, tools, gauges, jigs, fixtures, patterns or other items necessary for the production of the Goods (the “Production Equipment”). Buyer reserves the right to take possession of and title to any Production Equipment that is special for the production of the Goods, unless the Goods are standard products of Seller, or if substantial quantities of like Goods are being sold by Seller to others.
Production Equipment. Production Equipment includes all equipment required for the fabrication of the Hoku Membranein accordance with this Agreement, including but not limited to hot presses, injection molders, and mixers.
Production Equipment. MCD shall provide the Company with a list of vendors who will develop the molds, tooling, dies and casts to produce component parts for the manufacture of the Engines. All such molds, tooling, dies and casts shall be referred to in this Agreement as the "Production Equipment." From the Effective Time until the third anniversary of this Agreement, the Production Equipment shall be used by the Company, MCD, any affiliate of the Company or MCD and their respective subcontractors for the sole and exclusive benefit of the Company. After the third anniversary of this Agreement, the Production Equipment shall become the property of the Company and shall be used by the Company or its subcontractors exclusively for the development and manufacture of the Engines pursuant to the Company's purchase orders.
Production Equipment. In the event that Licensee purchases any of the Production Equipment excluding the molds and dies from any third party, Licensee agrees that in order for Licensor to properly provide Technical Assistance to Licensee pursuant to this Agreement, Licensee shall purchase such Production Equipment only in accordance with the specifications therefor that are given to Licensee by Licensor. Any such purchases shall be subject to the prior approval (which shall not be unreasonably withheld) by Licensor of the actual specifications, function or performance of such Production Equipment that may be purchased. As for the molds and dies, the Licensor provides the specification of the Components to be manufactured with such molds and dies, and the Licensee shall purchase the molds and dies at its sole discretion and responsibility.
Production Equipment. The equipment shall be inspected add tested in accordance with the KIV-7HSB Integration and Operations Manual and the Contract. (End of Clause)
Production Equipment. 3.2.1 Sun TV undertakes to make available to GTM the Production Equipment at the Production Facilities on a non-exclusive basis and at times reasonably agreed by Sun TV and GTM. Sun TV shall use commercially reasonable endeavors to accommodate the requests of GTM for use of the Production Facilities and Production Equipment, but shall not be liable to GTM for any bona fide unavailability of the same provided that GTM will be treated in equal priority with all other users thereof.
Production Equipment. The operator shall maintain all production equipment in good condition.
Production Equipment. New Power Filter; Standard paper drawer(s); Standard paper capacity; Duplex; and Network connectivity. Group DSingle-function Printers New Power Filter; Must include an inkjet, light emitting diode (LED), or laser print engine; Standard paper drawer(s); Standard paper capacity; and Network connectivity.
Production Equipment. SmarTire shall pay for, or arrange lease payments for, any Production and Test Equipment or Product Samples required listed in Exhibit D. SmarTire shall be responsible for any shipping or related costs to have the equipment shipped to the HACO production facility.