Goods supplied Sample Clauses

Goods supplied by the Buyer to the Seller for servicing or repair shall remain from the time of collection or receipt until re-delivery at the place or places and in the manner instructed by the Buyer at the absolute risk of the Seller in regard to any loss or damage.
Goods supplied. The Goods to be supplied to the Purchaser by the Supplier shall be of the description and quality specified in the Order, of merchantable quality, capable of any specified standard of performance and fit for the purpose for which they are supplied, conform to any specifications agreed by the Purchaser and Supplier and any samples provided to and approved by the Purchaser, be supplied in the quantity stated in the Order and comply with all applicable statutes, rules, orders, directives and regulations.
Goods supplied. 5.1 All Goods manufactured by Suwito for use in the Exhibit remain the property of Suwito. All Goods supplied by Suwito for use in the Exhibit but which are not owned by Suwito, remain at all times the property of the entity which owns them at that time and no rights in or to any of the Goods are acquired by the Customer other than those specifically as set out herein.
Goods supplied under this Agreement shall not be exported to a third country on a commercial scale without prior consultation with the competent authorities of the country of origin of the goods.
Goods supplied pursuant to a Contract may be subject to laws and regulations governing the export of Goods and/or technology. The Customer shall not ship or divert any of the Goods, or any technical information relating thereto, to any country outside of Canada in violation of any laws. If Goods supplied hereunder are to be exported, then Supplier’s performance of its obligations hereunder is subject to and conditional upon the Customer obtaining the necessary approvals, licenses and permits required by law in relation to such export. The Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless the Supplier Parties from and against any and all losses, liabilities, claims, costs and expenses whatsoever (including legal expenses on a solicitor and his own client basis) suffered or incurred by any of the Parties as a result of any breach of this provision by the Customer.
Goods supplied to the building site will remain the property of the Contractor until the second payment as detailed in Schedule Two is paid. Insurance 7.a. b. The Contractor must insure against liability under the Workers Compensation Act and at common law in respect of persons employed by him and, also liability against third person or in respect of third person property. The Principal must insure against loss and damage to the principals property on the work site whilst the work is in progress.

Related to Goods supplied

  • Bidder Supplied Samples The Commissioner reserves the right to request from the Bidder/Contractor a representative sample(s) of the Product offered at any time prior to or after award of a contract. Unless otherwise instructed, samples shall be furnished within the time specified in the request. Untimely submission of a sample may constitute grounds for rejection of Bid or cancellation of the Contract. Samples must be submitted free of charge and be accompanied by the Bidder’s name and address, any descriptive literature relating to the Product and a statement indicating how and where the sample is to be returned. Where applicable, samples must be properly labeled with the appropriate Bid or Contract reference. A sample may be held by the Commissioner during the entire term of the Contract and for a reasonable period thereafter for comparison with deliveries. At the conclusion of the holding period the sample, where feasible, will be returned as instructed by the Bidder, at the Bidder’s expense and risk. Where the Bidder has failed to fully instruct the Commissioner as to the return of the sample (i.e., mode and place of return, etc.) or refuses to bear the cost of its return, the sample shall become the sole property of the receiving entity at the conclusion of the holding period.

  • PRODUCT MANUFACTURER'S SUPPLIERS Only those dealers/distributors listed by the manufacturer will be considered authorized to act on behalf of the Product Manufacturer.

  • Materials and Supplies The cost of materials and supplies is allowable. Purchases should be charged at their actual prices after deducting all cash discounts, trade discounts, rebates, and allowances received. Withdrawals from general stores or stockrooms should be charged at cost under any recognized method of pricing, consistently applied. Incoming transportation charges are a proper part of materials and supply costs.

  • ESTIMATED / SPECIFIC QUANTITY CONTRACTS Estimated quantity contracts, also referred to as indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity contracts, are expressly agreed and understood to be made for only the quantities, if any, actually ordered during the Contract term. No guarantee of any quantity is implied or given. With respect to any specific quantity stated in the contract, the Commissioner reserves the right after award to order up to 20% more or less (rounded to the next highest whole number) than the specific quantities called for in the Contract. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Commissioner may purchase greater or lesser percentages of Contract quantities should the Commissioner and Contractor so agree. Such agreement may include an equitable price adjustment.

  • Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale Packaging materials and containers in which a good is packaged for retail sale shall, if classified with the good they contain, be disregarded in determining whether all the non-originating materials used in the production of the good undergo the applicable change in tariff classification set out in the Annex IV.03.

  • Shipping Costs All items must be bid Freight On Board Destination (hereinafter FOB). This does not include hardware items being shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. Actual shipping costs will apply to items shipped Alaska or Hawaii.

  • All new supplies equipment and services shall include manufacturer's minimum standard warranty unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Vendor shall be legally permitted to sell all products offered for sale to TIPS Members. All goods proposed and sold shall be new unless clearly stated in writing. Customer Support The Vendor shall provide timely and accurate customer support for orders to TIPS Members as agreed by the Parties. Vendors shall respond to such requests within a commercially reasonable time after receipt of the request. If support andƒor training is a line item sold or packaged with a sale, support shall be as agreed with the TIPS Member. Agreements Agreements for purchase will normally be put into effect by means of a purchase order(s) executed by authorized agents of the TIPS Member participating government entities, but other means of placing an order may be used at the Member’s discretion. Tax exempt status Most TIPS Members are tax exempt and the related laws andƒor regulations of the controlling jurisdiction(s) of the TIPS Member shall apply. Assignments of Agreements No assignment of Agreement may be made without the prior notification of TIPS. Written approval of TIPS shall not be unreasonably withheld. Payment for delivered goods and services can only be made to the awarded Vendor, Vendor designated reseller or vendor assigned company.

  • Materials and Equipment ‌ Material means property that may be consumed or expended during performance, component parts of a higher assembly, or items that lose their individual identity through incorporation into an end item. Equipment means a tangible item that is functionally complete for its intended purpose, durable, nonexpendable, and needed for performance. Materials and Equipment shall be priced in accordance with the terms of the task order award, contract type, and applicable FAR and agency-specific regulatory supplements. Unless otherwise directed by task order terms and conditions, the Contractor may apply indirect costs to materials and equipment consistent with the Contractor’s usual accounting practices.