LICENSEE agrees Sample Clauses

LICENSEE agrees. (a) To maintain the quality of SOFTWARE and otherwise to do such things as are reasonably necessary for the protection and maintenance of the "SOFTWARE" xxxx in connection with its use thereof;
LICENSEE agrees after its First Commercial Sale and as part of its marketing and product promotion, to develop educational materials (e.g., brochures, website, etc.) directed to patients and physicians detailing the Licensed Products or medical aspects of the prophylactic and therapeutic uses of the Licensed Products.
LICENSEE agrees. 1. To pay LSU for its use of LSU FACILITIES, services and materials as provided herein or by Addenda hereto no later than .
LICENSEE agrees. (a) to utilize appropriate patent marking on such LICENSED PRODUCTS and with respect to services using the LICENSED PRODUCT or the LICENSED METHOD; and
LICENSEE agrees a) To keep confidential and not disclose to any third party, all Confidential Know How received under this License Agreement from Licensor, whether received before or after this Agreement, except:
LICENSEE agrees a. Provide the City with a list of current Board Members, their addresses, and theirtelephone numbers.
LICENSEE agrees. (a) to use the Trademarks and Traditional Trademarks exclusively in the design format indicated by HUGO BOSS, and, to the extent not contrary to any of the provisions hereof, in conformity with the "Corporate Identity Policy" of HUGO BOSS, (b) to designate them with the markings prescribed by HUGO BOSS (such as "(R)" or "Marca registrada," "HUGO BOSS is the registered trademark of HUGO BOSS AG" or the like); provided that no such designation shall be required on the Licensed Products themselves, and (c) to the extent not contrary to any of the provisions hereof, to observe any and all other restrictions and conditions reasonably notified by HUGO BOSS to Licensee, including those which may arise from agreements between HUGO BOSS and any third party.
LICENSEE agrees. 5.1.1 To act only in accordance with the requirements of this Agreement or on instructions from HP in connection with protecting, collecting, storing, transferring, and otherwise processing of Personal Data.
LICENSEE agrees a. To maintain a high moral standard and atmosphere at LICENSEE's Travelodge(R);
LICENSEE agrees. 1. To pay UDCR for any and all damages (normal wear and tear expected) to UDCR and premises caused or contributed to by Licensee, its officers, employees, agents, members, guests, or invitees. In the event the rental includes property of UDCR, such items shall be returned in as good a condition as received (normal wear and tear expected) and if damaged or lost, shall be repaired or replaced by Licensee.