POS Sample Clauses

POS. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx (Secondary: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxx Xxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxx XxXxxx) It is expected that the identified contact people will communicate frequently to coordinate the work, to confirm that services are provided, and to evaluate financial performance. EXHIBIT POS - 13 Service Directive for Tribal Coordination Support Services by and between Port of Seattle and The Northwest Seaport Alliance This document is an Exhibit to the Inter-Local Agreement for Support Services By and Between the Port of Seattle (POS) and The Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA).
POS. This agreement shall provide POS medical benefits at a rate of employer and employee contribution as indicated below. This rate of contribution is applied to the cost of each coverage category (the annual total premium). POS Medical Plan Cost Share Coverage Employee Contribution Employer Contribution Individual 16% 84% Two Person 21% 79% Family 23% 77% 18.3 Dental Benefits. Lecturer Faculty are provided with three Dental Plan options: Option A: Cash Incentive, Option B: Basic, and Option C: High. The employer contribution will be equivalent in all plans. Summary plan descriptions are provided by USNH Human Resources at xxx.xxxx.xxx/xx/xxxxxxxx.xxx.
POS. At its expense, SRC shall furnish point of sale terminals (each “POS Terminal”) for its locations, some of which, consistent with the parties past practices, will be located in certain LE Shops. Each POS Terminal will be of a size and design satisfactory to SRC, in its sole discretion, and at all times remains SRC property. SRC shall maintain the software necessary to operate the POS Terminal and any changes to such software shall be provided at the expense of SRC; however if LE requests any changes to the POS Terminals (including the software used in connection therewith); then such requested change shall be treated as a Service Change (and addressed pursuant to Section 1.1(f) (above); provided further that all changes to the POS Terminals required for the LE Shop Program shall be done at LE’s sole cost and expense (including changes that are necessary to effectuate this Spin-Off or any change in Applicable Law that affects the LE Merchandise and the LE Program).
POS. LE will, at is sole cost and expense, establish, and at all times during the Term maintain, the appropriate in-store and online point-of sale and related information systems to meet its enrollment and other Program obligations (the “POS Systems”) and use commercially reasonable efforts to maximize enrollments. In accordance with prevailing retail-industry standards, the POS Systems will accurately process, record, store, secure, and permit retrieval of all Transaction Information and properly facilitate and support all Program point of sale functionality and transaction types. With respect to LE’s Inlet Stores (“Inlet Stores”) that do not as of the Effective Date have such a POS System, LE will use commercially reasonable efforts to implement, at its sole cost and expense, a POS System in accordance with this Section 5.c as soon as reasonably possible.
POS. Within fifteen (15) days after the end of each month, HSBC shall pay to RoomStore an administrative expense allowance of 35% of the amount equal to: (i) Debt Cancellation fees billed during that period minus (ii) any refunds of Debt Cancellation fees credited to Cardholder’s Accounts during that period (“Net Written Fees”) that was generated from POS business during that month.
POS. 2 ------- ------- ------- Serial No. of Present Engine: _______ _______ Serial No. of Delivered Engine: _______ _______ Current Location of Delivered Engine: _______ _______ Flight Hours Since New : _______ _______ Cycles Since New: _______ _______ Flight Hours for Period: _______ _______ Cycles for Period: _______ _______ The following sections need be reported only if one of the following events has taken place during the foregoing Period:
POS. (i) Within the period starting 6 months from the Closing Date and ending after the 24th month from the Closing Date, the Licensee shall terminate all the so called "Contrato de Revenda de GLP e Cessao de Uso de Marca e Padroes e Outras Avencas" entered into with each of the owners of POS; and (ii) within 2 (two) years from the Closing Date, the Licensee shall either terminate the relationship with all POS which currently operate under the Trade Marks but with which the Licensee has not entered into a written agreement as of this date (a list of such POS is attached hereto as Schedule 5) or enter into new arrangements with such POS under the New Controlling Shareholder or other trade mark.
POS. Complete point-of-sale system with integrated Blockchain connectivity for inventory management, payment and record keeping on secured Blockchain ledger. This system requires no installation, backup or restore functionality and recovers from catastrophic events nearly instantly. This system is also available with customized hardware. GreenBox owns both software and hardware development of this product.
POS. / Current Location Pos. 1 / Time Since Last Overhaul Pos. 1 / EGT Margin Pos. 1 Pos. 2 / Flight Hours during prior Determination Period Pos. 1 Pos. 2 / Cycles during prior Determination Period Pos. 1 Pos. 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------ INCIDENTS OF DAMAGE OR LOSS ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------ Comment Date ======================================================================= ========================= ================== EXHIBIT E FORM OF IRREVOCABLE LETTER OF CREDIT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IRREVOCABLE STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT NO. PLACE AND DATE OF ISSUE: ___________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BENEFICIARY: APPLICANT: [LESSOR] CSI Aviation Services [address] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXPIRY DATE/PLACE: AVAILABLE AT/BY: Expires on the second anniversary of the date Our office only by presentation of issue ofthis credit. For presentation at of document(s) required and your our office. draft(s) drawn at sight. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMOUNT OF CREDIT: Not to exceed, in the aggregate US dollars 250,000 (two hundred fifty thousand US dollars) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RE: ONE XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX DC-9-SERIES 82 AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURER'S SERIAL NUMBER 48039 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------