Definition of Flight Hours

Flight Hours means all time spent whilst in flight on an aircraft transporting patients or in transit to pick up patients.

Examples of Flight Hours in a sentence

In the case of a change in the ratio of Flight Hours per Cycle relating to Aircraft operation, the adjustment of Supplemental Rent shall be as follows: HOUR/CYCLE RATIO .5 0 5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 $/hr.
The periods of Supplemental Rent abatement shall commence respectively, on the first day that the Engine is returned to service after its overhaul and shall continue until such time that the Engine has lapsed Flight Hours and Cycles such that, when multiplied by the Supplemental Rent rate defined herein, the total dollar amount equals the Out-of-Pocket Expenses that the Lessee paid for the respective overhaul.
Volaris shall pay for all Flight Hours flown but in any case per aircraft ***** specified in Article 10.12 and Article 10.19 of Annex TCS.
Helicopter Training Courses Completed: Name of Course & Provider Address & Telephone Number Contact Name & Telephone No. Date of Completion Flight Hours Completed 1.
In addition to the warranty granted for new Engines and new Modules, CFM warrants Engine and Module Parts as follows: 2.6.1 During the first one thousand (1,000) Flight Hours for such Parts and Expendable Parts, CFM will grant one hundred percent (100%) Parts Credit Allowance or Labor Allowance for repair labor for failed Parts.