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Port of Seattle. The Port of Seattle shall:
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Port of Seattle. Formatted and ... Formatted TEAMSTERS LOCAL UNION NO. 117 ... Formatted AFFILIATED WITH THE NATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERS Formatted Representing Bus Drivers & Parking Service Revenue Representatives ... Formatted ...
Port of Seattle. PSRRs end, an annual vacation bid process shall be conducted and additional vacation request procedures are established as outlined in Article 19.

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  • Procurement of Small Works Works estimated to cost less than $20,000 equivalent per contract, up to an aggregate amount not to exceed $96,000 equivalent, may be procured under lump-sum, fixed-price contracts awarded on the basis of quotations obtained from three (3) qualified domestic contractors in response to a written invitation. The invitation shall include a detailed description of the works, including basic specifications, the required completion date, a basic form of agreement acceptable to the Association, and relevant drawings, where applicable. The award shall be made to the contractor who offers the lowest price quotation for the required work, and who has the experience and resources to complete the contract successfully. Part D: Review by the Association of Procurement Decisions

  • Location of Services Subcontractor will provide the Services at the following address(es): _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

  • Commencement of Services The Consultant shall begin carrying out the Services from the Effective Date or from such other Date specified in the SC.

  • Inspection of Services Subcontractor shall make the Services accessible at all reasonable times for inspection by the Contractor. Subcontractor shall, at the first opportunity, inspect all material and equipment delivered to the job site by others to be used or incorporated in the Subcontractor’s Services and give prompt notice of any defect therein. Subcontractor assumes full responsibility to protect the work done hereunder until final acceptance by the Contractor or any authorized third (3rd) party.

  • Statement of Services Service Attachments The services to be delivered by Provider (the “Services”) and the fees for those Services, and the specific terms applicable to those Services are described in the Order or in one or more Service Attachments referencing this Agreement. Except for Supplemental Services or Project Services (described below), and unless otherwise agreed in writing, the services we will deliver to you are limited to those Services specifically identified in the Order and described in the Service Attachments. In the event of any conflict between the terms of a Service Attachment and this Agreement, the terms in the Service Attachment control. In the event of any conflict between the terms of an Order and any Service Attachment or this Agreement, the terms of the Order control. Provider may decline to perform any services requested by the Client that are in violation of any applicable law or that are not typically associated with the Services provided by Provider. Supplemental Services “Supplemental Services” are limited, additional services and equipment you may need on a “one-off” or emergency basis that are not included within the scope of the Services described in an Order or the applicable Service Attachments. You will incur additional Service Fees for Supplemental Services. We will notify you of any such additional Service Fees and will obtain your approval prior to providing them. However, we have no obligation to determine the need for or to provide any Supplemental Services. All Supplemental Services are provided on an “as-is” basis and include no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. In addition, if we determine that any additional services you request would be inappropriate for treatment as Supplemental Services under this paragraph, we may deliver to you a proposed Service Attachment for Project Services or a Proposal prior to providing Supplemental Services. Project Services In some cases, you may ask us to deliver services outside the scope of any Order or Service Attachment and inappropriate for treatment as Supplemental Services. Examples of such services include major system upgrades, new computer, machine or device setup, network changes, datacenter moves or setups, or installations. In those cases, we will prepare a separate Service Attachment for Project Services describing the proposed scope of those services and our fee to deliver them. Installation dates are estimates only. Customer shall be responsible for preparation and maintenance of the site for such Project Services or installations, including, but not limited to, providing necessary electrical power and communication lines and proper air conditioning and humidity control. FEES FOR SERVICES | PAYMENT TERMS Service Fees Fees for Services are set forth in Order or Statement of Work. Unless otherwise indicated in writing, all Services will be performed on a time-and-materials basis at Provider’s then-current rates.

  • Payment of Services 1. For courses taught at a High School facility utilizing High School teachers who are qualified by the DCCCD College using Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) standards to teach college level courses, DCCCD shall pay as follows:

  • Cost of Services Political Subdivision shall share some expenses for the above services, supplies and equipment. Additional elections may lower costs for each entity, and election cancellations may raise costs for each entity. It is understood that other political entities may wish to participate in the use of the County’s electronic voting equipment and polling locations, and it is agreed that Contracting Officer may enter into other contracts with entities for those purposes on terms and conditions generally similar to those set forth in this Agreement. Only the actual expenses directly attributable to this Agreement and any prorated shared expenses may be charged to Political Subdivision, plus a 10% administrative fee.

  • ADDRESS OF CONTRACTOR (referred to herein as The undersigned does hereby certify that the above named contractor:

  • DEVELOPMENT OR ASSISTANCE IN DEVELOPMENT OF SPECIFICATIONS REQUIREMENTS/ STATEMENTS OF WORK Firms and/or individuals that assisted in the development or drafting of the specifications, requirements, statements of work, or solicitation documents contained herein are excluded from competing for this solicitation. This shall not be applicable to firms and/or individuals providing responses to a publicly posted Request for Information (RFI) associated with a solicitation.

  • Term of Services The term of this Agreement shall begin on the Effective Date and shall end on , the date of completion specified in Exhibit A, and Consultant shall complete the work described in Exhibit A on or before that date, unless the term of the Agreement is otherwise terminated or extended, as provided for in Section 8. The time provided to Consultant to complete the services required by this Agreement shall not affect the City’s right to terminate the Agreement, as referenced in Section 8.

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