Software and Hardware Sample Clauses

Software and Hardware. The Provider is not a vendor or reseller of software, hardware, or technology resources. Through the course of providing Services, the Provider may make recommendations or provide counsel or direct consultation Services regarding the selection of software, hardware, or other technology Covered Resources. The Provider is not responsible for the impact of the selected software, hardware, or other technology Covered Resource. The Client owns all software, hardware, and other technology Covered Resources and should review and understand all risks, warrantees, disclosures, or other disclaimers provided by or available through the software, hardware, or retail vendor. The Provider will select a Third Party software tool or tools for use with providing Services. The selected software tool(s) will be from a reputable source meeting industry standards and best practices as vetted and determined by the Provider. The Client agrees the Provider is permitted to select the software tool(s) and the Client permits the Provider to install this software on Client Covered Resources for the purpose of delivering Services. The Client understands the Provider is not liable or responsible for any negative impact as a result of the software, including downtime, security breaches, or negative impact on Provider Service delivery.
Software and Hardware. For the avoidance of doubt, except as contemplated by the Purchase Agreement, neither Party, nor any of their respective Affiliates shall have any obligation to assign, transfer or license, or consent to be assigned, transferred or licensed, any software or hardware to the other Party or any of its Affiliates other than as expressly set forth herein.
Software and Hardware. HealthGate shall be responsible for all Software and Hardware necessary to design, develop, and mount the Content on its servers and host the Content on its Sites.
Software and Hardware. All material third party software licenses and hardware used in the ACS Wireless Activities and included in the ACS Assets is currently supported by the vendor of such software licenses or hardware.
Software and Hardware. ‌ VCTC will furnish trip reservation and scheduling software and associated hardware for ADA paratransit and dial-a-ride operations, which will remain the property of VCTC upon termination of this contract. The software and/or hardware are subject to change. The Contractor shall be required to use the software and hardware purchased and assigned for use in the operation of Heritage Valley Transit Services, including additional software or equipment products and systems that may be purchased for the full scope of operations; such as for fixed route scheduling and monitoring, farebox reconciliation, or maintenance performance. Currently, VCTC utilizes Trapeze PASS and Trapeze Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) for its dial- a-ride and ADA paratransit operations.
Software and Hardware. (a) Section 3.15 of the Disclosure Schedule sets forth a true and complete list of all software owned by or licensed to Timeline or WorkWise in connection with the Acquired Business other than off-the-shelf software acquired for less than $1,000 per user license (the “Acquired Software”). Timeline or WorkWise has all technical and descriptive materials for the Acquired Software as is necessary to run its business in accordance with its historical practices, except as would not have a Second Acquisition Material Adverse Change.
Software and Hardware. Following SAT and throughout the integration effort, the EDS OEM shall install and test the required software and hardware to allow for digital and serial communication between the EDS and the BHS PLC if required. Functionality of the EDS BHS interface hardware and software shall be verified by the EDS OEM at the interface box prior to working with the BHS contractor to ensure a proper operating PLC interface and to avoid delays. Memorandum of Agreement of EWR Appendix D
Software and Hardware. Description. Participant acknowledges that in order to access and use OKSHINE, it may be necessary for Participant to acquire, install, configure and maintain hardware, software and communication systems in order to connect to OKSHINE and comply with this Participation Agreement. The parties acknowledge that the Participant will be responsible for all costs associated with any modifications to its internal systems to enable its connection to OKSHINE. Participant acknowledges that amendments to the configuration of its systems and technical environment may impact the OKSHINE Services.