Patients Sample Clauses

Patients. There are no agreements not terminable at will with patients or prospective patients of the Hospital which provide for the provision of the care routinely provided at the Hospital for no consideration nor will Seller, the Corporation or the Partnership enter into any such agreements between the date hereof and the Closing Date.
Patients. Persons to whom services are to be provided54 161. [Except where specifically stated otherwise in respect of particular services]55 The Contractor shall provide services under the Contract to: 161.1. registered patients, 161.2. temporary residents, 161.3. persons to whom the Contractor is required to provide immediately necessary treatment under clause 47.3 or 50, 161.4. any person for whom the Contractor is responsible under regulation 31 of the Regulations56 [or article 20 of the Transitional Order]57; 53 Except where specifically indicated in a footnote, this Part is required by the Regulations: see regulation 18, regulation 25 and Part 2 of Schedule 6. 54 This provision is required by regulation 18(1)(c) of the Regulations which requires the Contract to specify to whom services under the Contract are to be provided. 55 The words in square brackets may be required where the Contractor is providing additional services not funded by the global sum, enhanced services or out of hours services only to specific categories of patients (and not all of the patients specified in clauses 161.1 to 161.5).
Patients. Part 4.17 of the Disclosure Schedule lists, as of the last treatment date prior to the date hereof, all Registered Patients (by patient code) for which the Company provides either in-center treatment or home dialysis support services. The Company makes no representation or warranty as to which, if any, of the Registered Patients listed on Part 4.17 of the Disclosure Schedule will continue to receive services from the Business subsequent to such last treatment date.
Patients. Existing and prospective patient lists, names and -------- addresses; and
Patients. In accordance with the provisions of all applicable state and federal statutes, as amended from time to time, the Manager shall use its best efforts to maintain the patient census at the Facility in such numbers and in such a manner as, in the Manager's judgment, will tend to maintain the financial stability of the Facility and will comply with the covenants in any Financing Agreement. The Manager shall recommend to the Owner programs for implementation with third party payors, such as insurers, federal agencies and state and local agencies, for care of patients with special medical, care, or rehabilitation needs on a contract basis, all for the purposes of, in the opinion of the Manager, improving the financial stability of the Facility; provided, however, that any such agreement providing for any discount of the Facility's standard rate shall require the Owner's prior written approval. However, the Manager shall not introduce any additional function or service into the Facility's program of health care without first obtaining the consent of the Owner and any regulatory approvals required by law.
Patients. It is recognized that the needs for care and proper treatment of patients are of paramount importance and that there should be no interference with such care and treatment.
Patients. The Dentist and Covered Person shall have free choice in providing or accepting dental care. No Covered Person shall be denied care because of race, sex, color, creed, national origin, age or religion. In addition, a Dentist may not discriminate, with respect to medically necessary dental services, against Covered Persons that are participants in a publicly financed program.
Patients. All Patient Files that are, or are required by Law to have been, owned and maintained by Company have been maintained in accordance with all Laws.
Patients. CHC has no reason to believe that its patients for whom reimbursement has been received from Medicare, Medicaid or other third party payors did meet the applicable eligibility standards. To its best knowledge, CHC has filed all financial and medical documentation required to be filed therefor and such records are, as of the date hereof, and will be, as of the Closing Date, true, accurate, complete and current in all material respects.
Patients. The parties agree that the benefits to either party hereunder do not require, are not payment for, and are not in any way contingent upon the admission, referral, or any other arrangement for the provision of any item or service offered by either party to any of the other party's patients in any facility owned or operated by either party.