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Contract Basis. The Federal Act on Universities of Applied Sciences (University of Applied Sciences Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 340/1993 in its most current version, abbreviated to FHG), the accreditation decision by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (formerly the FH Council) for the selected degree program, and the corresponding funding contracts from the Republic of Austria form the specific basis for the contract. The components of the educational contract are in particular internal regulations such as the study and examination regulations, the library regulations, the IT user regulations, the compliance regulations, the fire safety regulations as well as the hygiene and conduct rules for protection against Covid-19 infections. The learning management system “Moodle” is governed by its own regulations. All documents are available on the website of the FHWien der WKW below xxxxx://xxx.xx- xxxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx/. The contractual basis may be subject to changes, which become legally binding at the time this current contractual agreement come into effect. Such changes in the contractual basis have no influence on the validity of the learning agreement. The Student acknowledges that more extensive changes (curricula, titles, etc.) may occur due to a change in the legal framework conditions or to the further development of FHWien der WKW’s study program, which is needed to accommodate international or national developments. The Student gives his or her agreement to this in advance and to refraining from asserting any kind of claim arising from such circumstances. Ein Unternehmen von FHW GmbH Währinger Gürtel 97 Telefon/Fax +00 0 000 00-0000 E-Mail/Web xxxxxxxxxxxx@xx-xxxx.xx.xx FHW GmbH, XX Xxxx FN 141443f 3.1 Length of studies Degree programs normally last six/four semesters.
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Contract Basis. ‌ Means a flight crew member hired by the Company for a period of no greater than six (6) months.
Contract Basis. 2.1. In sending the Agreement in Principle by Midpoint to the Customer, we are making an offer to provide Services and/or equipment to the Customer in accordance with these conditions, the Order and any Services specified in the Agreement in Principle. The Agreement in Principle may be withdrawn at any point by Midpoint prior to it being accepted by the Customer.
Contract Basis. The sum of $ (the “Contract Price”) to be paid pursuant to the annexed Terms and Conditions. [INSERT NAME OF SUB IN BOLD CAPS] GROUND/WATER TREATMENT & TECHNOLOGY, LLC By: By: Name: Name: Date: Date: Terms and Conditions
Contract Basis. Application No……………. (to be filled in by office) Paste here your Recent Passport size Photograph with signature.
Contract Basis. Based on the advice obtained from their respective legal advisers, the Seller and the Purchaser concur in their view that Section 444 of the German Civil Code does not apply to independent promises of guarantee as set forth in the Seller's Representations and that, consequently, the provisions of this Section 10.8 do not constitute exclusions (Ausschlusse) or limitations (Beschrankungen) within the meaning of Section 444 of the German Civil Code but define the contents of the Seller's Representations. The Seller is prepared to make the independent promises of guarantee set forth in the Seller's Representations only on the assumption that all provisions of this Section 10.8 are fully binding and enforceable, and the Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that it shares said assumption. The Seller and the Purchaser are in agreement that it is the contract basis (Geschaftsgrundlage) for the sale of the shares and loans hereunder that all provisions of this Section 10.8 are fully binding and enforceable. It is agreed, however, that even if any of the provisions of this Section 10.8 is not fully binding and enforceable, this Agreement shall not be unwound (ruckabgewickelt) but shall be adjusted (angepasst) only.
Contract Basis. 1.1 The House Leasing Contract (hereinafter referred to as the Contract) with respect to matters for Party A’s leasing the house to Party B is thus concluded through consensus reached by both Parties via negotiation. Clauses in this part are the House Leasing Contract (Agreement Clauses).
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Contract Basis. 2.1 Within 60 business days from the effective date of the contract, Party B registers its address as in the one in the contract and settles the related tax payment in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou.
Contract Basis. This Contract is based on the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners Request for Proposal (RFP) Number #P-6-22-01 for HVAC services dated Proposal provided by dated . and the Any subsequent clarification letters and change orders will become part of the Contract.

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  • Contract Price 5.01 Owner shall pay Contractor for completion of the Work in accordance with the Contract Documents the amounts that follow, subject to adjustment under the Contract:

  • ADJUSTMENT OF CONTRACT PRICE The Contract Price shall be subject to adjustment, as hereinafter set forth, in the event of the following contingencies (it being understood by both parties that any reduction of the Contract Price is by way of liquidated damages and not by way of penalty):

  • Contract Sales Price The total consideration provided for in the sales contract for the sale of a Property.

  • Aircraft Basic Price The Aircraft Basic Price is listed in Table 1 and is subject to escalation in accordance with the terms of this Purchase Agreement.

  • Contract Schedule The information set forth in the Contract Schedule is true and correct.

  • Gross Asset Value The term "Gross Asset Value" means, with respect to any asset, the asset's adjusted basis for federal income tax purposes, except as follows:

  • Interest Rates and Letter of Credit Fee Rates Payments and Calculations (a) Interest Rates. Except as provided in Section 2.13(c) and Section 2.15(a), all Obligations (except for the undrawn portion of the face amount of Letters of Credit) that have been charged to the Loan Account pursuant to the terms hereof shall bear interest at a per annum rate equal to the lesser of (i) the LIBOR Rate plus the Applicable Margin, or (ii) the maximum rate of interest allowed by applicable laws; provided, that following notice to Borrower in accordance with Section 2.15(a) hereof, all Obligations that have been charged to the Loan Account pursuant to the terms hereof shall bear interest at a per annum rate equal, during the duration of the circumstances described in Section 2.15(a), to the lesser of (A) the Base Rate plus the Applicable Margin as calculated pursuant to Section 2.15(a) or (B) the maximum rate of interest allowable by applicable laws.

  • Characteristics of Receivables As of the Cut-Off Date (or such other date as may be specifically set forth below), each Receivable:

  • Periodic Review of Costs of Environmental Compliance In the ordinary course of its business, the Company conducts a periodic review of the effect of Environmental Laws on the business, operations and properties of the Company and its subsidiaries, in the course of which it identifies and evaluates associated costs and liabilities (including, without limitation, any capital or operating expenditures required for clean-up, closure of properties or compliance with Environmental Laws or any permit, license or approval, any related constraints on operating activities and any potential liabilities to third parties). On the basis of such review and the amount of its established reserves, the Company has reasonably concluded that such associated costs and liabilities would not, individually or in the aggregate, result in a Material Adverse Change.

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