EMS Agency definition

EMS Agency also refers to “ambulance service” in this document and in the attached policies, and in the Federal restocking regulations. These terms are used interchangeably.
EMS Agency means the San Joaquin County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency.

Examples of EMS Agency in a sentence

  • The Napa County EMS Agency is committed to participating in Contractor’s efforts to support and enhance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the Napa County EMS System.

  • The EMS Agency shall have the right to review and approve the terms of the agreement to ensure consistency with the objectives of this Agreement.

  • The telephone line shall be accessible without charge to all callers within the continental United States Y 8.7, B, 2 Contractor shall submit to the EMS Agency, on a monthly basis, a list of all complaints received and the disposition/resolution.

  • The ePCR system shall also comply with the current mapping standards and data dictionary, as promulgated by EMSA and the EMS Agency.

  • With the use of their Online Compliance Utility (“OCU”) and FirstPass data programs, the EMS Agency will monitor the performance of Contractor in delivering services to the Napa County EMS system under the terms of this Agreement.

More Definitions of EMS Agency

EMS Agency means the San Joaquin County EMS Agency.
EMS Agency means: an organization that is authorized by a state EMS authority to operate an ambulance service, or non-transport service.
EMS Agency means the Monterey County EMS Agency.
EMS Agency means an EMS service such as an emergency serv- ices supervisory organization (ESSO), aid or ambulance service li- censed or recognized by the secretary to provide prehospital care or interfacility transport.
EMS Agency means any organization licensed by the EMS bureau that operates an air medical service, ambulance service or nontransport service.
EMS Agency means a government department or agency, person, firm,
EMS Agency means the Monterey County Emergency Medical Services Agency.