Constitution Sample Clauses

Constitution. There shall be an Advisory Board for each trade covered by the Apprenticeship Agreement, consisting of two (2) representatives of the Industry; two (2) from the Union, one (1) representing the Vocational School and one (1) from the Apprenticeship and Industrial Training Branch.
Constitution. Acknowledging that it is the fundamental right and duty of the Zimbabwean people to make a constitution by themselves and for themselves; Aware that the process of making this constitution must be owned and driven by the people and must be inclusive and democratic; Recognising that the current Constitution of Zimbabwe made at the Lancaster House Conference, London (1979) was primarily to transfer power from the colonial authority to the people of Zimbabwe; Acknowledging the draft Constitution that the Parties signed and agreed to in Kariba on the 30th of September 2007, annexed hereto as Annexure "B"; Determined to create conditions for our people to write a constitution for themselves; and Mindful of the need to ensure that the new Constitution deepens our democratic values and principles and the protection of the equality of all citizens, particularly the enhancement of full citizenship and equality of women.
Constitution. 5.1 There shall be an Employer’s side and a Union side.
Constitution. The Company is operating and has always operated its business in all respects in accordance with its memorandum and articles of association at the relevant time.
Constitution. 2(1) In a bargaining year, each participating Member Union shall submit all its demands to the Secretary-Treasurers (sic) on or before a date to be specified in advance by the Policy Committee. Demands Agreement:2019 - 2023 Craft Drywall Tapers/Finishers Standard ICI Agreement Clause: Journeyperson Wage Rate Existing:
Constitution. A Club shall not be eligible to play in or to conduct any competition under the control of the QRL, its Divisions, or Local Leagues unless it is incorporated under the provisions of the Corporations Xxx 0000 (CWTH) or alternatively the Associations Incorporations Xxx 0000 (QLD). No club shall be eligible to play in and/or to conduct any Competition under the control of the QRL, its Divisions, or Local Leagues unless it is incorporated under the provisions of the Corporations Act or alternatively the Associations Incorporations Xxx 0000 (Qld) by one (1) February in the Football Year in which it desires to participate in the Competition. Every Club shall submit to its supervising Local League:
Constitution. 18.1 Within the first thirty (30) calendar days following the acceptance of the first Commercial Field, each Party must appoint a representative and its respective first and second alternates, to form the Executive Committee and shall notify the other Party in writing the names and addresses of its representative and alternates. The Parties may change their representative or alternates at any time, but must so advise the other Party in writing. The vote or decision of each Party representative is binding on said Party. Should the main representative of one of the Parties not be able to attend a Committee meeting, his first or second alternates, in order, may attend and will have the same authority as the principal.
Constitution. The Constitution of the Company to be handed to the Purchaser will be an accurate copy or an original, if available, of the document in force at Completion and will have annexed a copy of every resolution required to be annexed by the Companies Xxx 0000.
Constitution. DTTDC shall ensure that a Project Monitoring Board, comprising General Manager, Financial Controller and Chief Manager (Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx) from DTTDC and two persons nominated by the Operator is established one month prior to Scheduled Commercial Operation Date or Commercial Operation Date, whichever is earlier. The Operator shall be obligated to depute its authorized representative to such board by the stipulated date.