Overhead Sample Clauses

Overhead. As compensation for administrative, supervision, office services and warehousing costs, Operator shall charge the Joint Account in accordance with this Section III. Unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties, such charge shall be in lieu of costs and expenses of all offices and salaries or wages plus applicable burdens and expenses of all personnel, except those directly chargeable under Section II. The cost and expense of services from outside sources in connection with matters of taxation, traffic, accounting or matters before or involving governmental agencies shall be considered as included in the overhead rates provided for in this Section III unless such cost and expense are agreed to by the Parties as a direct charge to the Joint Account.
Overhead. Each Loan Party has and will allocate fairly and reasonably any overhead expenses that are shared with any other Loan Party or any Affiliate thereof, including paying for office space and services performed by any employee of an affiliate.
Overhead. For overhead departments (as defined below), NMC will monitor productive hours per week or pay period. Each department at NMC will have a productivity target (hours per week/pay period) set by the NMC CEO. It is the department managersresponsibility to regularly monitor their departments productivity to ensure the department is meeting their per statistic (for direct patient care departments), per week or per pay period target. In the event a department exceeds the productivity threshold set by the CEO, the department manager will call off staff to meet the target threshold. Prior to making this determination, the department manager will review the productive hours (to include all employees, including management) to determine if they have met their target. Time not counted towards productive hours include: vacation, compensatory time off, or sick leave (if taken prior to a call off). For purposes of determining productivity, productive hours include but are not limited to the following: training, orientation, workers compensation (light duty worked hours), temporary employees, and registry.
Overhead. As compensation for costs not specifically identified as chargeable to the Joint Account pursuant to Section II (Direct Charges), the Operator shall charge the Joint Account in accordance with this Section III. Functions included in the overhead rates regardless of whether performance by the Operator, Operator’s Affiliates or third parties and regardless of location, shall include, but not be limited to, costs and expenses of: · warehousing, other than for warehouses that are jointly owned under this Agreement · design and drafting (except when allowed as a direct charge under Sections II.13, III.1.A(ii), and III.2, Option B) · inventory costs not chargeable under Section V (Inventories of Controllable Material) · procurement · administration · accounting and auditing · gas dispatching · human resources · management · supervision not directly charged under Section II.2 (Labor) · legal services not directly chargeable under Section II.9 (Legal Expense) · taxation, other than those costs identified as directly chargeable under Section II.10 (Taxes and Permits) · preparation and monitoring of permits and certifications; preparing regulatory reports; appearances before or meetings with governmental agencies or other authorities having jurisdiction over the Joint Property, other than On-site inspections; reviewing, interpreting, or submitting comments on or lobbying with respect to Laws or proposed Laws. Overhead charges shall include the salaries or wages plus applicable payroll burdens, benefits, and Personal Expenses of personnel performing overhead functions, as well as office and other related expenses of overhead function.
Overhead. 7.4 The Optionee will be entitled to include in Work Costs for so long as the Option remains outstanding an overhead charge (“Overhead Charge”) for management supervision and administrative services of the Optionee equal to:
Overhead. These expenses pertain to those Petroleum Costs which have not been otherwise accounted for. They pertain to: