Home office definition

Home office is our main office. The mailing address is shown on the first page of this Contract.
Home office means an office re- sponsible for directing or managing two or more, but not necessarily all, segments of an organization. It typi- cally establishes policy for, and pro- vides guidance to the segments in their operations. It usually performs man- agement, supervisory, or administra- tive functions, and may also perform service functions in support of the op- erations of the various segments. An organization which has intermediate levels, such as groups, may have sev- eral home offices which report to a common home office. An intermediate organization may be both a segment and a home office.
Home office means the location specified by the client as the address to which an attest or compilation service is directed, which may be a subunit or subsidiary of an entity or the principal office of an entity.

Examples of Home office in a sentence

  • Home office costs allocated to facility Name of home officeFrom (date) Through (date)7.

  • Home office data processing, software, hardware or computer-related costs.

  • Home, office, and other Outpatient visits to examine, diagnose, and treat an illness or injury.

  • Home office or other overhead or general and administrative expenses in excess of that provided in (a) above;5.

  • The Home office policy stipulates that support will normally only be provided once, for a three month period6.

More Definitions of Home office

Home office means the location specified by the client as the address to which a service described in subdivision (a) or (d) is directed.
Home office is our principal office in Indianapolis, Indiana. For anything to be "received by AUL," it must be received at our Home Office.
Home office means the location specified by the client as
Home office. The address of SBL's Home Office is Security Benefit Life Insurance Company, 000 XX Xxxxxxxx Street, Topeka, Kansas 66636-0001. JOINT OWNER The Joint Owner, if any, shares an undivided interest in the entire Contract with the Owner. The Joint Owner, if any, is named on page 3. Please see "Joint Ownership" provisions on page 10. NONNATURAL PERSON Any group or entity that is not a living person, such as a trust or corporation.
Home office means a home occupation limited to a business carried out solely within a dwelling by a resident of the dwelling but which does not —
Home office. The Home Office of the Company is at One Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxx.
Home office. The principal office of LNL located at 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxx, Indiana, 46802, or an institution designated by LNL.