Permit Fees definition

Permit Fees means any fee charged by the City of Berkeley for any permit in connection with residential construction and any associated demolition. (Ord. 5892-NS § 2, 1988)
Permit Fees means as defined in this building bylaw.

Examples of Permit Fees in a sentence

  • Permit Fees for Work-Over Rigs and Special Mobile Equipment Exceeding 650 but not 670 Pounds Per Inch Width of Tire.

  • The permittee shall pay an annual emissions fee as established in Air Pollution Control Regulation No. 28 "Operating Permit Fees".

  • The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry’s (DLI) Regulation Concerning Certified Lead Contractors Notification, Lead Project Permits and Permit Fees published in the Virginia Administrative Code, 16 VAC25-35, requiring, among other things, that a permit be issued to the lead abatement contractor, or any subsequent regulation issued by DLI pertaining to lead-based paint abatement.

  • Permit Fees are reimbursable direct from SynergyNDS (in addition to contractor’s Lump Sum Proposal) if incurred and submitted with proper documentation.5. Contractor shall prohibit discrimination against staff &/or available workforce based on their status as protected veterans or individuals with disabilities and prohibit discrimination against all individuals based on their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin.

  • License and Permit Fees - Pursuant to MCL 436.1525(1), license and permit fees shall be paid to the Commission for a request for a new license or permit or to transfer ownership or location of an existing license.

More Definitions of Permit Fees

Permit Fees means the actual costs payable to a Governmental Authority and all other reasonable third-party costs and expenses incurred in connection with the application for and issuance of an Applicable Permit.
Permit Fees means the permit, building inspection, engineering and planning fees paid by Landlord to the City of Plano to the extent attributable to the construction of the Base Building Improvements (but not to the Tenant Improvements). For the avoidance of doubt, Permit Fees are not Includable Project Costs Overages.
Permit Fees means the amount set out in section 4.3.
Permit Fees means the building permit fees charged by the City pursuant to Mesquite City Code, Appendix D, Article XII, Section 12-100, as amended or replaced, and the plan review fees charged by the City pursuant to Mesquite City Code, Appendix D, Article XII, Section 12-109, as amended or replaced, in connection with the construction of tenant finish out improvements to the Building and shall specifically exclude all impact fees.
Permit Fees means the required fee, to be paid upon submission of an excavation permit application to the Hollis Planning Board, or $25.00 to defray the cost to the Town of processing and reviewing the application, plus $1.60 for notification of each legal abutter.
Permit Fees means the permit fees and development taxes required by the City to enable Buyer to obtain a permit card from the City.