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Other relevant factors b. The Medical Review Board shall make a recommendation to the Superintendent that the Professional Staff Member should be:
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Other relevant factors. 4. The board may, upon petition, designate as a large municipal separate storm sewer system, municipal separate storm sewers located within the boundaries of a region defined by a stormwater management regional authority based on a jurisdictional, watershed, or other appropriate basis that includes one or more of the systems described in this definition.
Other relevant factors. 2. The board may not require a state permit for discharges of stormwater runoff from mining operations or oil and gas exploration, production, processing or treatment operations, or transmission facilities, composed entirely of flows that are from conveyances or systems of conveyances (including but not limited to pipes, conduits, ditches, and channels) used for collecting and conveying precipitation runoff and that are not contaminated by contact with or that has not come into contact with, any overburden, raw material, intermediate products, finished product, by-product or waste products located on the site of such operations.
Other relevant factors. 2. In timetabling teachers' loads, special consideration shall be given to the load of beginning teachers to provide an assignment which is not excessive for the beginning teacher in terms of the number of course preparations, the number of subject areas, the teaching location and the number of students.
Other relevant factors. 5. The Medical Review Board shall make a recommendation to the Superintendent that the teacher should be:
Other relevant factors. When developing, or working with disciplinary procedures, there should be a general understanding by employees of what constitutes a misdemeanour or offence and what the possible consequences might be. The accepted code of behaviour can be established through a number of means, including company policies, position/job descriptions, codes for particular jobs; e.g. driving mobile equipment, warning signs etc. Where rules or standards are set by such means, it is essential that they are known to the employee and are kept up to date. Breaches of any Occupational Health & Safety Policies and Procedures are considered very serious and will bring disciplinary action and possible dismissal.
Other relevant factors. Any other relevant factors in the particular case must also be considered. For example, does the employee intend to leave his or her profession, to relocate, to pursue other employment opportunities, or to retire? Has he or she already found other employment that is not affected by the waiver? In such circumstances, the employee may reasonably choose to forgo the option of reemployment in exchange for a monetary settlement.
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Other relevant factors. 4.4.1 Reimbursement of reasonable costs and expenses We note that The Company will reimburse Xxxxxxxxxxx for all reasonable costs and expenses incurred in connection with the performance of the Services to the extent such costs and expenses are not paid directly by the Company or its subsidiaries to the relevant third party, as provided in the 2010 Management Agreement. We note further that Xxxxxxxxxxx must, in accordance with the terms of the 2010 Management Agreement, provide the Company with copies of the documents evidencing or supporting the fees, expenses and other liabilities reasonably incurred, upon request. These supporting documents will be reviewed by the Audit Committee (or a person authorised by the Audit Committee) to ensure that the fees, expenses and other liabilities incurred are reasonable and reimbursable under the 2010 Management Agreement. Certain items are specifically not reimbursable under the 2010 Management Agreement, for example, personnel expenses for Xxxxxxxxxxx employees, expenses relating to the acquisition and operation by Xxxxxxxxxxx of office and computer equipment, and office rent incurred by Xxxxxxxxxxx.
Other relevant factors. The proposed budget shall not exceed the state funding allocation for the coming year as estimated by the District's Business Manager.

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  • ADJUSTMENT FACTORS The Contractor will perform any or all Tasks in the Construction Task Catalog for the Unit Price appearing therein multiplied by the following Adjustment Factors. See the General Terms and Conditions for additional information.

  • Power Factor The Power Producer shall maintain the Power Factor as per the prevailing GERC regulations and as may be stipulated / specified by GETCO from time to time. The Power Producer shall provide suitable protection devices, so that the Electric Generators could be isolated automatically when grid supply fails. Connectivity criteria like short circuit level (for switchgear), neutral Grounding, fault clearance time, current unbalance (including negative and zero sequence currents), limit of harmonics etc. shall be as per Grid Code.

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