Power Factor definition

Power Factor means the ratio of usage power measured in kW to total power measured in kVA;
Power Factor means, the average monthly power factor and shall be the ratio expressed as a percentage of the total kilowatt hours to the total kilovolt ampere hours supplied during the month; the ratio being rounded off to two decimal figures.

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The Government of Punjab allocated funds in the specific head of account of Drugs Testing Laboratory Faisalabad for the purpose of Framework Contract for Procurement of Power Factor Correction, Phase Failure, Submersible Pump and Laboratory Equipment, in account head (A09601) Purchase of plant and machinery, Drugs Testing laboratory Faisalabad.

CRA Report – Assessment of Demand Management and Metering Strategy Options - available from the Commission’s website ( http://www.escosa.sa.gov.au/resources/documents/040831-R-CRADemandManagement.pdf) 4.1.1 Power Factor Correction4In 2001, ETSA Utilities introduced a number of voluntary kVA (power factor dependent) tariffs.

Power Factor Design Criteria (Reactive Power)A wind generating plant shall maintain a power factor within the range of 0.95 leading to 0.95 lagging, measured at the Point of Interconnection as defined in this LGIA, if the ISO’s System Reliability Impact Study shows that such a requirement is necessary to ensure safety or reliability.

Sl. No.ParametersAccuracy(i)Voltage±0.5%(ii)Current±0.5%(iii)Frequency± 0.2%(iv)Active Power/Reactive power±0.5% / ±1%(v)Import & Export Energy (active/reactive)±1% / ± 2%(vi) Power Factor (measuring range shall be 0.6 to 1.0 lag & lead)The parameters to be acquired from multifunction transducers shall be selectable.

Power Factor and Reactive PowerThese topics delve fairly deeply into electrical engineering, but they also represent very promising sources of increased electric grid capacity and reduced line losses.

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Power Factor means the ratio of real or productive power measured in kilowatts (kW) to total or apparent power measured in kVA;
Power Factor means the ratio between Real Power and Apparent Power (i.e. kW/kVA);
Power Factor means the ratio of the highest metered Demand measured in kW in a fifteen (15) minute interval to the highest metered Demand measured in kVA in that same interval;
Power Factor means the ratio of the highest metered kilowatt demand in a billing period to the highest metered kilovolt ampere demand in that same billing period;
Power Factor means the ratio of the real power to the apparent power and average power factor means the ratio of the Kilowatt-hours to the Kilovolt-ampere-hours consumed during the billing month.
Power Factor means the ratio of watts to Volt-amperes, or the ratio of KWh to KVAh; as applicable, for the duration for which, it is to be determined.
Power Factor means the cosine of the electrical angle between the voltage & current vectors in an AC electrical circuit;