NSR Sample Clauses

NSR. The Optionor shall retain a two percent (2%) NSR for any and all tonnage mined and delivered from the Property for any and all minerals. Such 2% NSR shall also apply with respect to any part or parts of any mining claims staked within the Area of Mutual Interest, which shall be included in the NSR subject to sale in accordance with paragraph (B) below.
NSR. (i) shall be responsible for property (ad valorem) taxes, if any, determined pursuant to the North Carolina General Statutes and related rules and regulations of the North Carolina Department of Revenue on Non-operating Property that is owned by NCRR and which NSR has the exclusive right to use under the Agreement and (ii) shall be responsible for any property taxes, assessments, or liens with respect to Designated Returned Property not paid by NSR or any of its subtenants/licensees for all periods prior to the Return Date. NCRR shall be responsible for property (ad valorem) taxes on all other Non-operating Property; provided, however, where NSR has the non-exclusive right to use Non-operating Property under EXHIBIT 10(i), Page 33 of 44 the Agreement, then NSR shall be responsible for its pro rata share of the property taxes on such property based on NSR's usage of such property. For purposes of this Section 26, Non-operating Property shall mean property that is appraised as non-system property by the North Carolina Department of Revenue or separately assessed by the local assessor as non-public service company property.
NSR. Sphere shall have the right to buy down Camp McMan’s NSR from 3.5% to 2% for $500,000 per ½% in accordance with Schedule “D” hereto.
NSR. Any interest in the Mineral Claims earned by Rincon hereunder shall be xxxxxx free and clear of any mortgages, liens, charges, pledges, security interests, encumbrances and any other claims of any description, but shall remain subject to a three (3%) percent NSR in favour of the Owner (who is responsible for remitting up to two (2%) percent of this to the Underlying Owners, as described in Schedule A, determined and paid in accordance therewith. It is agreed that up to two-thirds (2/3) of the three (3%) percent NSR reserved unto the Owner herein may be purchased at any time by Rincon paying to Owner $1,000,000 per one-third (1/3) portion ($1,000,000 per one (1%) percent NSR).
NSR. (a) On or prior to November 30, 2015, NJMC shall grant to MG USA a 2.0% net smelter return royalty in a form to be mutually agreed to between the Parties (the “NSR”) in respect of (i) all of the Claims set out in Schedule 1 to this Agreement, (ii) all property and claims currently held by, or in trust for, or on behalf of, either the Company or NJMC or by any affiliate, insider or partner thereof within the Area of Interest as set out in Schedule 2 hereto (“Additional Claims”), and (iii) all property and claims acquired by the Company or NJMC or by any affiliate, insider or partner thereof within the Area of Interest subsequent to the date of this Agreement, other than subsequently acquired property or claims that are located in the area south of Xxxxxxxx Creek as shown on the map in Schedule 3 (“Subsequent Claims”).
NSR. ARGENTUM agrees to pay North Bay a royalty of Two Percent (2.0%) of “Net Smelter Returns” (NSR), as that term is hereinabove defined. This royalty can be paid out in full and terminated upon the payment of Two Million USD ($2,000,000) to North Bay by ARGENTUM at any time.
NSR. 3.1 Upon the exercise of the option and once the commercial production of the Mining Concession has begun, the Beneficiary shall pay the Proprietor a net smelter return royalty (“NSR”) of 1.5 % of what the Beneficiary receives for the selling of concentrates, dore metal, bullion and other products obtained from the recovery of fine contents of gold, copper and cobalt – after applicable and common discounts - derived from the minerals extracted as a result of the exploitation of the Mining Concessions.
NSR. The Vendor hereby reserves and the Purchaser hereby grants and agrees to pay to the Vendor an annual royalty of 3% of the Net Smelter Returns derived from mining operations on the Mineral Claims and the Dome Claim (upon the exercise of the Option) and products, mined, extracted, or derived therefrom or any part thereof, to be calculated and paid in accordance with schedule “C” hereto.