Prior to November Sample Clauses

Prior to November. 01st of each year, the Company will post a bulletin listing employees in order of seniority and showing each employee's total vacation entitlement.
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Prior to November. I of each school year, the Superintendent shall post in each school a list of employees by classification and seniority. Within fifteen (15) calendar days after the posting of this list, any employee who believes the listing is inaccurate shall provide a written statement to the Superintendent explaining the inaccuracy and the basis of such inaccuracy. Failure to so notify the Superintendent will waive any inaccuracy as to such individual employee's seniority date and classification listing for that school year.
Prior to November. 1st of each year, the Company will ascertain the preference of those employees who may be required to work on Christmas Day and/or Boxing Day and/or New Year’s Day. The Company will, subject to business, programming and operational requirements schedule work on these holidays whereby an employee is not required to work on all three (3) days.
Prior to November. 1996 the Company's Re-seller Agreement with Microsoft also entitled the Company to use Microsoft software for its internal office use. The terms of the Re-seller Agreement have now changed resulting in the Company being required to purchase a new user licence from Microsoft. The Company is currently in negotiations with Microsoft regarding this and it would appear that the likely cost will be up to L13,200. The Company currently uses Strategix software for its accounting distribution system under a licence from TIS Group. As the Company is a re-seller for Strategix software, no charge is made by TIS Group for this licence. It should be noted that if for any reason post-completion the Company's Re-seller Agreement with TIS Group relating to the Strategix software should terminate, (for example, if the Purchaser sells a competing product) then it is likely that the Company will no longer be able to use the Strategix software free of charge, giving rise to a potential one off charge of approximately L84,500 and a potential annual cost of approximately L14,800.
Prior to November. 1 of each school year, the administrator shall meet with each unit member designated for evaluation in the current year and begin to mutually develop the goals and objectives for that year's evaluation in conformance with Education Code Section 44662.
Prior to November. 16 each year Employees and Human Resources will calculate the number of flexi-days and ADOs taken and owed.
Prior to November. 1, 2005, the Board shall provide the New Jersey State Prescription Plan. Effective November 1, 2005, the prescription plan shall be changed to a carrier providing a co-pay of: RETAIL: $5.00 for generic drugs & $10.00 brand name drugs [up to 30 day supply] MAIL ORDER: $5.00 for generic drugs & $10.00 brand name drugs [up to 90 day supply] The Board's contribution towards the cost of that plan shall be capped at: 2005-2006 $2,000 2006-2007 $2,100 2007-2008 $2,200 3. A dental and an optical plan will be offered, subject to the following provisions:
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Prior to November. 1st of each year Employees who have bid vacation in the first half will submit their request for the specific weeks of vacation they wish to take. Vacation will be awarded in seniority order. Of those Employees who have bid in the first half and do not register their choice, they will be contacted to bid vacations from the remaining time available. If they do not register their choice by December 1st, they will be assigned vacation in the amount of time for which they indicated an intention to take vacation in that first half in the Employer’s discretion.
Prior to November. 1, the unit member and the evaluator shall meet, discuss, and 17 attempt to mutually agree upon the criteria for evaluation (Education Code 18 Section 44662).
Prior to November. 15, the Staffing Committee shall discuss/review the organization of schools and the assignment of Members to schools.
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