Normally Sample Clauses

Normally the maximum reduction in workload from full-time status shall be fifty percent (50%), and the maximum duration of the reduced appointment, unless permanent, shall be five (5) years.
Normally the Parties shall establish an Arbitration Board. Each Party shall appoint a member to an Arbitration Board within ten (10) work days of the date that the request is made for referral to arbitration. The two members so appointed shall, within ten (10) work days of the appointment of the second of them, appoint a third member who shall be the Chair of the Arbitration Board. If, within the required time:
Normally the xxxxxxx and members of family should avail of services of hospital as mentioned in paragraph 4 above. However, if he feels, that it is unavoidable to seek services of a private nursing home/hospital, he can do so in one of the hospitals/nursing homes, approved by the bank. Reimbursement in such cases will, however, be restricted to the extent of the amount which would have been reimbursable in case of admission to a public or private hospital as mentioned in paragraph 4 above.
Normally the Trust shall not exercise any direction or control over the time and place of solicitation, the persons to be solicited, or the manner of solicitation; but the Principal Underwriter agrees that solicitations shall be in a form acceptable to the Trust and shall be subject to such terms and conditions as may be prescribed from time to time by the Trust, the Registration Statement, the Prospectus, the Certificate of Trust, Agreement and Declaration of Trust, and By-Laws of the Trust, and shall not violate any provision of the laws of the United States or of any other jurisdiction to which solicitations are subject, or violate any rule or regulation promulgated by any lawfully constituted authority to which the Trust or Principal Underwriter may be subject.
Normally the Employee and the University will share in the net revenues resulting from the commercialization of patentable intellectual property when:  the costs of the activities giving rise to the property were specifically funded by third-Party contracts with the University;  the costs of the activities giving rise to the property were specifically funded by grants from the University's endowments, special purpose funds, or specific budget allocations;  the property was created using the specialized research facilities and services of the University, including the University's research laboratories, capital equipment, and technical facilities and services. Specialized facilities and services do not include the use of offices and office equipment, limited office services, personal computers, the library, or other services commonly available to Employees;  the University or the University’s agent actively participates in protection or commercialization of Intellectual Property, including the development, financing, manufacture, license, and sale of the property.
Normally. Members shall retain for five (5) years research and scholarly activity materials that are within their personal control.‌
Normally grievances shall be filed and processed during the non-work time of both the grievant and his xxxxxxx. In the event of an emergency, the employee may contact his immediate supervisor to request relief from his current assignment to consult with his xxxxxxx. In such event, the xxxxxxx and the employee may be relieved from their respective assignments and allowed to consult as soon as it is practical to do so. Pending relief, the employee shall continue to perform his assigned duties. Such consultation shall not unduly interfere with the operations of the Department as determined by the Chief or his designee. Upon being granted relief, the employee or xxxxxxx shall be placed in an Authorized Leave Without Pay status until such time as they complete their consultation and return to a work status.