Flexible Working Hours Sample Clauses

Flexible Working Hours. The Employer will, where operational requirements and efficiency of the service permit, authorize experiments with flexible working hours if the Employer is satisfied that an adequate number of Employees have requested and wish to participate in such an experiment.
Flexible Working Hours. (a) The Employer shall authorize a flexible working hours schedule, if the Employer is satisfied that operational requirements and the efficiency of the service permit.
Flexible Working Hours. Flexible Working Hours may be negotiated between the Employer and the Local of Union.
Flexible Working Hours. 8.09 Where it is proposed that flexible working hours, staggered hours or a compressed work week be established, the parties shall set up a committee comprised of representatives(s) of the division(s) concerned, Local 79, and Human Resources. The committee shall meet within fourteen (14) calendar days of a request being made. Any agreed to flexible working hours, staggered hours or compressed work week arrangements shall be implemented as soon as practicably possible following such agreement. The parties may also agree to a mechanism for termination of any new flexible working hours, staggered hours or compressed work week arrangements. Variable working hour arrangements shall occur on a voluntary basis. All previous variable working hours arrangements in place as of the date of ratification of this Collective Agreement shall continue under their present terms and conditions unless terminated by either party, with fourteen (14) calendar days of written notice. The City shall provide details to Local 79 of all flexible working hours, staggered hours and compressed work week(s) immediately following ratification.
Flexible Working Hours. 16.4.1 Council is supportive of flexible working hours systems which provide employees with the ability to accrue time off for additional hours worked and to choose flexible start and finish times to suit the demands of their family responsibilities.
Flexible Working Hours. The provisions of this section of the contract do not prevent the negotiation of flexible working hours.