Pay Status Sample Clauses

Pay Status. An aggrieved employee and the Union Delegate shall be in a pay status during those working hours in which a grievance, a grievance mediation, or an arbitration hearing is held. Release time for additional employee representation shall be subject to approval by the Labor Relations Officer or designee when a group grievance is filed.
Pay Status. (a) Agency employees appointed to the Agency Committee shall be in pay status, during time spent in Committee meetings, as well as travel from their worksite to the meeting and back, unless prior authorized to initiate travel from home. Time spent outside of the employeesscheduled working hours will be unpaid. Approved time spent in meetings shall neither be charged to leave credits nor considered as overtime worked. By mutual agreement, subject to the operating needs of the Agency, employees may attend meetings in person, via telephone or videoconferencing. The Union will be responsible for all other employee expenses related to lodging and/or travel.
Pay Status. The time that a single aggrieved nurse spends in a grievance meeting, grievance mediation, and/or arbitration will be considered work time and will be paid at the regular rate of pay.
Pay Status. During the paid reimbursed leave, the employee shall be paid by the University and shall continue to accrue service credit; and shall retain all benefits to which the employee was entitled prior to the start of the leave. Employee benefit contributions will continue to be deducted during the leave.
Pay Status. Whenever the University and the Union convene a meeting to resolve grievances mutually during the scheduled work time of an employee who is a grievant or a representative, upon advance request, reasonable release time shall be granted to the employee(s) involved. Employee time spent at these meetings shall be considered as time worked. When such meetings are convened outside an employee's scheduled work time, no employee release time shall be granted. University employees called as witnesses at such meetings may be released from work with reasonable advance request and granted Leave With Pay for reasonable time spent in meetings. Time spent in preparation of a grievance shall not be on pay status unless specific prior approval has been requested by the employee and granted by management. Requests for release time should be made in accordance with Article 33, Union Stewards. A reasonable amount of time spent during scheduled work hours in investigation of a grievance prior to formal filing shall be granted on pay status.
Pay Status. 1. The grievant, as defined in Article 10, Grievance Procedure, Section A.5.a., (one [1] grievant in a group grievance) shall be in a without-loss-of-straight- time-pay status at the arbitration hearing.
Pay Status. If an employee is removed from his/her job prior to or during an investigation, they shall be in a pay status pending outcome of the investigation and/or disciplinary action. Employees shall be advised of their right to Guild representation during any investigatory interview or meeting which could reasonably be expected to lead to disciplinary action. Employees who have satisfied any disciplinary action and who are in a recognized treatment program for a drug or alcohol problem may use available sick leave, floating holiday, accrued vacation or comp time for counseling and treatment.
Pay Status a. Time spent by bargaining unit employees in preparation and investigation of grievances shall be on pay status as follows:
Pay Status. During a total or partial closure or curtailment of operations described in Section A., above, whether or not the University is able to anticipate such event, one or a combination of the following pay-status options may apply to affected employees.
Pay Status. Active pay status means the conditions under which an employee is eligible to receive pay, and includes, but is not limited to, vacation leave, sick leave, leave with pay, bereavement leave, court leave, professional development leave and administrative leave. No pay status means the conditions under which an employee is ineligible to receive pay, and includes, but is not limited to, leave without pay, leave of absence, and disability leave.