Nonperformance Sample Clauses

Nonperformance. In the event the Grantee fails to perform the duties outlined in Attachment “A” or fails to meet any of the requirements outlined in this Grant Contract, then and upon the happening of such event, Sponsor shall give written notice to Grantee of such failure to perform, and this Grant Contract shall terminate immediately upon such notice. Upon receipt of such notice, Grantee shall immediately surrender to Project Monitor or Project Monitor’s designated representative any balance remaining in the Project Account. Grantee shall be liable to Sponsor for immediate repayment of any unauthorized expenditure of funds from Project Account. Grantee shall be compensated pursuant to the terms of this Grant Contract for authorized Project Account costs charged against the Project Account prior to the date of termination according to the approved Project Budget.
Nonperformance. As used in this Contract, “failure to perform” means failure, for whatever reason, to deliver goods and/or perform work as specified and scheduled in this Contract. If Contractor fails to perform under this Contract, then District, after giving seven dayswritten notice and opportunity to cure to Contractor, has the right to complete the work itself, to obtain the contracted goods and/or services from other contractors, or a combination thereof, as necessary to complete the work. Both parties agree that Contractor shall bear any reasonable cost difference, as measured against any unpaid balance due Contractor, for these substitute goods or services.
Nonperformance. Any failure to perform or default in the performance of any covenant, condition or agreement contained in this Agreement (not otherwise addressed in this Article 12), which failure to perform or default in performance continues for a period of ten (10) days after any Credit Party receives notice from Lender of such failure to perform or default in performance (provided that if the failure to perform or default in performance is not capable of being cured, in Lender’s reasonable discretion, then the cure period set forth herein shall not be applicable and the failure or default shall be an immediate Event of Default hereunder).
Nonperformance. Assignor shall not be responsible to Assignee for any loss or damage to Assignee resulting from any delay in performing or failure to perform any obligation under this Conveyance (other than Assignor’s obligation to make payments of Assignee Proceeds to Assignee) to the extent such failure or delay is caused by Force Majeure.
Nonperformance. Any failure to perform or default in the performance of any covenant, condition or agreement contained in this Agreement and, if capable of being cured, such failure to perform or default in performance continues for a period of thirty (30) days after the Borrower receives notice or knowledge from any source of such failure to perform or default in performance, or in the other Loan Documents or any other agreement with the Bank and such failure to perform or default in performance continues beyond any applicable grace or cure period.
Nonperformance. The Borrower or any guarantor of Borrower’s Obligations to the Bank (“Guarantor”) shall fail to perform or observe any agreement, term, provision, condition, or covenant (other than a default occurring under (a), (c), (d), (e), (f) or (g) of this Section 4.1) required to be performed or observed by the Borrower or any Guarantor hereunder or under any other Loan Document or other agreement with or in favor of the Bank.
Nonperformance. Manager may terminate this Agreement in the event that -------------- in any two consecutive fiscal quarters the Manager has not been paid the Management Fee and, in the sole discretion of the Manager, it is not reasonably likely that the Management Fee will be paid in the next fiscal quarter. Any such termination shall be effective as of the last day of such third fiscal quarter provided at least 60 days notice shall have been given; otherwise, such termination shall be effective on the sixtieth day after notice is given.
Nonperformance. In the case of any default on the part of the Contractor with respect to any of the terms of this Agreement, the Town shall give written notice thereof, and if said default is not made good within such time as the Town shall specify in writing, the Town shall notify the Contractor in writing that there has been a breach of the Agreement and thereafter the Town shall have the right to terminate this Agreement and secure the completion of the work remaining to be done on such terms and in such manner as the Town shall determine, and the Contractor shall pay for the completion of such work and reimburse the Town for all expenses incurred by reason of said breach. The Contractor in case of such breach shall be entitled to receive payment only for work completed satisfactorily prior to said breach, so long as the total paid hereunder does not exceed the Agreement sum, and the amount of any balance due the Contractor shall be determined by the Town and certified to the Contractor.
Nonperformance. If Property Manager fails to make any payment when required or fails to perform any act required under this Agreement, to the extent sufficient funds are available, then Owner, after ten (10) days' written notice to Property Manager (or, in the case of any emergency, without notice) and without waiving or releasing Property Manager from any of its obligations hereunder, may (but shall not be required to) make such payment or perform such act. Owner shall have (in addition to any other right or remedy) the right to offset all costs and expenses incurred in exercising its rights under this Section 3.04 against any sums due or to become due to Property Manager, including, without limitation, the Management Fee.